Botswana Agate Teardrop Cabochons

$ 15

These Botswana Agate Teardrops show the extra fine banding + swirls of white, black, shades of grey, peach + purple hues which create beautiful translucent + opaque patterns in the stone. Use these agate cabochons in your jewelry designs or in your crystal grid creations.

Flat back cabochon teardrop shapes. You will receive the exact crystal teardrop you choose from the letters/pictures.
A ~ 17 g, 47mm tall, 30mm widest, 8mm thick
B ~ 17 g, 47mm tall, 31mm widest, 8mm thick
C ~ 12 g, 37mm tall, 25mm widest, 8mm thick
D ~ 12 g, 38mm tall, 25mm widest, 8mm thick
E ~ 10 g, 34mm tall, 23mm widest, 8mm thick
F ~ 10 g, 36mm tall, 24mm widest, 8mm thick
G ~ 11 g, 38.5mm tall, 24mm widest, 8mm thick
H ~ 9 g, 35mm tall, 21mm widest, 7.5mm thick
I ~ 12 g, 40mm tall, 26mm widest, 7.7mm thick
J ~ 12 g, 39mm tall, 24.4mm widest, 8mm thick

Crystal Healing Properties of Botswana Agate

Botswana Agate is a root chakra crystal that can be used for grounding + centering in the beginning of meditation practice. Botswana agate is used to improve attention to detail making it a good crystal for students, test-taking + creative endeavors. Botswana agate can awaken your sense of adventure + increase positive thoughts. 

Botswana Agate is a stone that is prized for it's tremendous amount of variation in color hue + saturation, swirling patterns, distinct banding, transparency + opacity. 

Botswana agate is mostly found in the Bobonong district of Botswana, Africa. Botswana Agate is a natural gift from Gaia with each piece being completely unique + one of a kind. Weights + measures are approximate.

These cabochons are not drilled, nor do we offer drilling services. 

Customer Reviews

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Anabelle S
Exactly as pictures and very pretty!

Exactly as pictures and very pretty!

Leda H
Worked nicely for my project.

Worked nicely for my project.