Flower Agate Crystal Fish

$ 11

A beautiful school of Flower Agate Fish have just swum into the shop! Each of these hand carved crystal fish is unique + beautiful with lots of variation in size, shape + patterning in the stone. No two are alike, they look different on both sides + each agate fish is one of a kind. The carving is on both sides with some carved details in the tail, eyes + gills. They're sorted by size + range from 1.2"-1.95" long.

Flower Agate has a peaceful, beautiful feminine energy which can be seen + felt within the cascading blossoms within dreamy chalcedony swirls.

Listing is for one or two small to mini carved fish intuitively chosen for you in the size you select from the dropdown menu. The colors + patterns in Flower Agate Crystals vary wildly from stone to stone. Some have green, pink, lilac, red, peach, orange, yellow, cream, white, tan, brown, black and/or clear. Some even have inclusions of crystallized quartz, amethyst, agate banding, and/or little druzy pockets. Each piece varies in pattern, color, clarity, opacity + translucence, and they look different on both sides. 

A - 1.24"-1.34" long
B - 1.44"-1.54" long 
C - 1.93" long 


Those born with a Fish totem are strong willed + fiercely independent.

The Fish Spirit Animal is symbolic of intuition, faith + sensitivity. People with fish energy adapt to a variety of circumstances easily. They have a strong affinity for water. You will find them seeking regular connection to living water such as the ocean, streams, lakes + natural springs for their well-being.


Flower Agate embodies the Sacred Feminine + helps one to integrate the Maiden, Mother + Elder aspects of ourselves with grace, balance + harmony. There is joy in purpose + wisdom in creation.

Flower Agate reminds you to trust in the flow of inspiration + guidance from Spirit. Flower agate can help you bloom into your full potential in alignment with your soul purpose + higher destiny.

Flower Agate reminds you to go with the flow + follow with your bliss, to seek joy in life + to go where the magic takes you. It reminds us to slow down a little + enjoy the now moment. 

Each hand carved fish is uniquely beautiful + will be intuitively chosen for you. If there is a particular fish that you want, send a DM. If I still have it, it's yours:)

It is common for flower agate crystals to have marks and/or slight imperfections. Weights + measures are approximate.

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Beulah H
Looks amazing! Came with two tiny crystals...

Looks amazing! Came with two tiny crystals for free. Thanks again

Diana C
Beautiful! Well packaged and quickly shipp...

Beautiful! Well packaged and quickly shipped. Will definitely shop this seller again.

Lorine B
I ordered 2 of these cuties and couldn't b...

I ordered 2 of these cuties and couldn't be happier with them. They were as pictured and arrived quickly and safely! Thank you, Jessica!