Blemish Soother Acne Spot Treatment Serum

$ 20

16 potent botanical actives including Tamanu, Blue Chamomile + Lemon Myrtle make this a skincare miracle oil working to calm existing blemishes, help prevent new pimples from forming, speed healing + boost cellular renewal.

With regular use, you will see fewer pimples + less severe breakouts. Blemishes clear up more quickly, thereby reducing the potential for residual scarring.

A powerful blemish-fighting essential oil blend includes antiseptic Tea Tree + Bergamot, Lavender + Frankincense to promote cellular renewal, plus balancing Clary Sage + calming, soothing Chamomile. Astringent, antiseptic + anti-bacterial botanicals work to balance oil production and help prevent future blemishes. 

These clean, fresh scented botanicals work together to take good care of your skin.

This is the original Angel Face Botanicals formula + AFB labeled product.

Ingredient Highlights

Tamanu Oil is highly antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal, astringent, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant, and thus, a powerhouse healer for acne. Tamanu oil promotes healthy cell growth, has amazing regenerative properties, and is calming to inflamed, irritated skin conditions. A rich and nutritive oil, which works wonders to restore elasticity and balance oil production for clear, healthy, and balanced skin.

Known for it's extraordinary beauty-enhancing properties, balancing Moroccan Argan Oil helps to regulate sebum production. Rich in Squalane, Polyphenols, Essential Fatty Acids, Carotenes, and Tocopherals, Argan oil is said to accelerate healing and regeneration in our skin cells. Also known as "liquid gold," Argan Oil is prized as a healing balancer which helps to deeply nourish dry skin, restoring the skin's protective barrier. Argan oil helps balance sebum production in all skin types.

Astringent and light-weight Hazelnut Oil soaks right into the skin helping to calm over-active oil glands. Hazelnut Oil has pore-shrinking and antibacterial properties that help reduce blackheads and pimples. Hazelnut oil is high in antioxidants, provides some natural sun protection, and is gentle for sensitive skin.

Frankincense promotes cellular renewal speeding the healing of acne scars, and helping dark spots to fade more quickly. Frankincense is highly beneficial for maintaining an even-toned complexion encouraging healthy and vibrant skin cells.

Lavender is beneficial in skin care as it works to regulate sebum production, fosters the regeneration of new skin cells, and soothes inflamed skin.

Calming Chamomile, known for its anti-inflammatory properties, speeds healing and helps fight puffiness.

Bergamot is a natural antibiotic and disinfectant and helps to control excess oil production. Bergamot's antiseptic properties boost wound healing and skin regeneration, helping to even out skin tone, fading scars and dark spots more quickly.

How to Use

Use this lovingly healing, fragrant spot treatment as needed for acne and blemishes. In your daily facial care regimen apply to skin after cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Perfect as a night treatment so the botanicals can work their magic on your skin while you sleep.

As we are all complex individuals, so are our paths to wellness. The remedies implied are meant to supplement rather than substitute any medical care or treatment. Our products should not take the place of qualified medical diagnosis or treatment, nor are they meant to cure any disease or medical condition. Consult your health care provider if you are pregnant, have a health condition or are currently in treatment for a medical condition before using these or any other products. 

Take good care and be well.

Simmondsia chinesis (organic jojoba) oil, Corylus avellana (organic hazel) seed oil, Argania spinosa (organic argan) nut oil, Glycine soja/Aloe barbadensis miller (organic soybean/organic aloe vera) oil, Melaleuca alternifolia (organic tea tree) leaf oil, Lavandula angustifolia (organic lavender) flower oil, Calophyllum inophyllum (organic tamanu) oil, Salvia sclarea (organic clary sage) oil, Citrus bergamia (organic bergamot) oil (bergeptine free), Styax benzoin (benzoin) oil, Backhousia citriodora (lemon myrtle) oil, Boswellia carterii (frankincense) oil, Matricaria chamomilla (organic German chamomile) flower oil, Anthemis nobilis (organic Roman chamomile) flower oil, Rosmarinus officinalis (organic rosemary) oleoresin, love.

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