Springtime Body Oil - Heart Chakra + Solar Plexus

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Springtime Body Oil is a fresh, rosy citrus blend with an herbal twist. Think of a springtime garden party featuring pink grapefruit + rose geranium, clean, bright, fruity floral with an herbal kiss, alchemized with the joyful, heart-centered crystalline magic of Kunzite.

This infused oil is a magical alchemy of herbal + crystalline energy. You will find Wild Mountain grown Yarrow flowers, Plantain leaf + Kunzite crystals infusing the joyful, verdant energy of Spring inside each bottle. Allow the herbal alchemy to blossom within your self-care practice, enveloping your senses in a soul soothing, deeply nourished, heart-centered + creative space. 

  • Rose geranium supports the adrenal system by helping ease feelings of stress + worry, offering a sense of overall well-being
  • Pink grapefruit refreshes + uplifts the spirit
  • Sweet orange has a warming, joyful scent
  • Lemon is cleansing, purifying
  • Purifying Lavender helps relax the mind, soothe anxiety + ease depressive thoughts
  • Tea Tree soothes the nerves + supports a healthy immune system

Organic Sunflower + Coconut oils are blended into a lightweight + fast absorbing body oil that's moisturizing, nutritive + soothing to dry skin. This body oil is infused with love + healing energy + works with your heart chakra + solar plexus chakra. 


Yarrow Flowers are profoundly de-stressing to the mind, body + spirit. Yarrow's calming nature helps one overcome both emotional + environmental stresses, easing feelings of anxiousness + allowing for more a peaceful, relaxed state of being. Yarrow contains potent antioxidants beneficial for stressed out skin. 

Plantain Leaf contains allantoin which encourages cell growth is soothing to the skin + promotes cellular regeneration.

Kunzite has a joyful, loving energy. It's a stone of Divine Love known to help heal heartache + calm nerves. Kunzite encourages emotional healing, forgiveness + fosters a strong sense of self. 

How to Use

Massage into damp or dry skin for a nourishing lightly scented moisturizer. Add 2-3 pumps to your bathwater just before getting in for a deeply relaxing, bath infused with the healing magic of crystals, herbs + flowers.

Comes in a 2 oz clear glass bottle with a pump top. The color may shift as the botanicals infuse nutrients into the oil over time.

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Aditya H
This is one of my favorite body oils. Tha...

This is one of my favorite body oils.
Thank you Jessica.