FLOWER AGATE FISH ~ Cherry Blossom Agate Crystal Fish

$ 11

FLOWER AGATE FISH ~ Hand Carved Cherry Blossom Agate Crystal Fish  

Flower Agate has a peaceful, beautiful feminine energy which can be seen + felt within the cascading blossoms within dreamy chalcedony swirls.  

Flower agate can help you bloom into your full potential in alignment with your soul purpose + higher destiny. Flower Agate reminds you to go with the flow + follow with your bliss, to seek joy in life + to go where the magic takes you. It reminds us to slow down a little + enjoy the now moment.

Flower Agate embodies the Sacred Feminine + helps one to integrate the Maiden, Mother + Elder aspects of ourselves with grace, balance + harmony. There is joy in purpose + wisdom in creation.  

Flower Agate reminds you to trust in the flow of inspiration + guidance from Spirit.

Those born with a Fish totem are strong willed + fiercely independent.

The Fish Spirit Animal is symbolic of intuition, faith + sensitivity. People with Fish energy adapt to a variety of circumstances easily. They have a strong affinity for water. You will find them seeking regular connection to living water such as the ocean, streams, lakes + natural springs for their well-being.

5-7 grams, 1.04"-1.16" long

Each hand carved fish is uniquely beautiful + powerful, as you can see + will be intuitively chosen for you. If there is a particular fish that you want, send a DM. If I still have it, it's yours:) Weights + measures are approximate.