Agate Crystal Platter with Stand Option

$ 111

This natural Blue Agate Slab is cut from a lovely piece of bluish gray banded agate with a sparkling crystalline center that has a couple of small druzy pockets that can serve as a sphere holder. This agate slice is gorgeous displayed in a stand so the light can pass through the pretty crystal or flat as a crystal plate to make a one of a kind surface to display your special crystals or jewelry.

Use this Agate Platter as a high vibrational functional object, a plate for your special crystals, jewelry, or keepsakes. And when not in use, showcase it the optional stand to show off the beautiful banding + transparent crystalline core.

Impress your guests + use this beautiful one of a kind crystal slab to serve cookies, chocolates, sashimi, or as a cheese plate paired with a non-serrated knife. This crystal slab is food safe + washes clean with soap + water!

⁠Think of your crystals as energetic allies, each with their own personality, their own energetic blueprint + be open, without expectation to what they can teach you and how they might open your consciousness.⁠

1 lb 10.5 oz (752 g)
8" x 6.38"
0.48" thick

Beautifully polished on both sides with smooth, semi-polished edges. You can see the mark of the polishing wheel in some areas. Pictures show both sides of the slab in different lighting, with different backgrounds with some ideas of how to use it as a plate + on a display stand.

There are two druzy caves on one side and one druzy spot on the other that could hold a small sphere. The honey calcite sphere in the photos is 2" (51mm) diameter.

You will receive the exact slab in the pictures. Weights + measures are approximate. Natural stones may have variations in color, inherent marks, or slight imperfections.