Lavender LOVE Amethyst Infused Aromatherapy Roller

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It is no secret that SpaGoddess loves Lavender. 

This gorgeous, supremely healing blend is crafted from a coveted stash of over 20 Lavender varietals from all over the world, and infused with Amethyst Crystals to create a richly fragrant and multi-layered perfume of Lavender - beaming the violet ray of healing. Amethyst energy cleanses negative vibrations, transmuting those dense, heavy energies with purity and light.

Medieval Europeans considered Lavender an emblem of love.

Lavender's aroma is simultaneously stimulating and relaxing. It has been known to help a headache, ease muscular pain, and respiratory ailments.

Lavender soothes and calms the skin, balances oil production, heals scars and blemishes, and stimulates circulation for improved skin tone.

Lavender aids depression, insomnia, mood swings and stress. It clears your thinking, reduces worry, and balances emotions.

Lavender is the universal healing oil for the seven major chakras, helping bring them into balance. Lavender is associated with the third-eye chakra whose attributes include intuition, imagination, visualization, and concentration.

Lavender nurtures creativity and self-expression.

There is nothing like the verdant floral, other-worldly scent of Lavender to help you relax into sublime peace.

How to Use

Use as a personal fragrance. Roll-on sore muscles. Rub into temples when relaxation is desired. Apply to wrists before bedtime to promote peaceful and restful sleep. Use as a healing spot treatment for cuts, bruises, burns, pimples, hang-nails, etc. Provides relief for headaches and travel and motion sickness. Use during meditation. Apply to your third eye for enhanced clarity and inspiration.

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Each individual's path to wellness is unique. We have created our products through extensive research, channeled to support & enhance your personal path to joy and well-being.

Take good care and be well.

Simmondsia chinesis (organic jojoba) oil, Lavandula angustifolia (organic lavender) flower oil, Lavandula marie (organic lavender) flower oil, Lavandula angustifolia (lavender) flower extract, styrax benzoin resin extract, Lavandula stoechas (lavender) flower oil, tocopherol (vitamin E) (non-GMO soy), amethyst crystals, love.

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