Aura Blue Chalcedony Druzy Galaxy

$ 7

These Aura Blue Chalcedony Druzy Galaxy fits in the palm of your hand, beautiful, sparkling + mysterious. These pieces of druzy chalcedony crystal clusters have been fused with gleaming opal aura aka angel aura to accentuate each facet + swirl of the natural stone.

These glittery druzy clusters are a unique addition to your crystal collection + no two are alike! Add them to your collection of magical or outer space themed crystals, moons + stars to make some beautiful crystal grids + stunning accents for your altar, tarot card spreads + astrology readings, crystal crafts like jewelry making or wire-wrapping projects, or an excellent gift for any crystal lover.

The iridescent gleam comes from the alchemical fusion of gold + iridium onto the crystals. The precious metals themselves are also of the Earth + carry their own metaphysical magic, heightening all that is already within each chalcedony specimen.

Feel the light + heavenly energy of this stone as it rolls in the waves of good vibrations + positivity to soothe anxiety + calm your spirit. These little crystal cluster galaxies open up our energy channels to unconditional love + forgiveness.

Aura Blue Chalcedony has a direct connection with the Angelic Realms. It's ethereal blue sparkles invite serenity + expansive thoughts into your realm.

A ~  15 grams, 2.02"--SOLD OUT
B ~  6 grams, 1.56"
CC ~  12 grams, 2.1"--SOLD OUT
D ~  16 grams, 2.24"
E ~  18 grams, 1.87"
F ~  8 grams, 2"
G ~  6 grams, 1.54"--SOLD OUT
H ~  3 grams, 1.23"--SOLD OUT
I ~  7 grams, 1.85"
J ~  9 grams, 1.47"
K ~  11 grams, 1.59"--SOLD OUT
L ~  7 grams, 1.39"--SOLD OUT
M ~  8 grams, 1.59"
N ~  14 grams, 1.54"
O ~  8 grams, 1.67" --SOLD OUT
P ~  8 grams, 1.34"
Q ~  10 grams, 2.02"

Each piece is unique! Measured on the longest side. These are natural gifts from Gaia with unique variances in shape, size, crystalline patterns + color. You will receive the exact stone that you chose from the letters/pictures.

I'm deleting the sku's that are sold out to make it easier to sort which pieces are available.