High Quality Amazonite Bracelet

$ 33

Consider these gorgeous, gemmy, gel Amazonite Beaded Bracelets with stunning saturated natural aqua teal color to adorn your wrists with soothing crystalline sparkle. Wear your Amazonite Bracelets for balance when you're feeling anxious, to ease your stresses, for a calming, soothing energy shift.

Made from a beautiful, gemmy, high quality Amazonite crystal with a vibrant, saturated blue-green color with depth + dimension in the natural stone. Some beads have shimmer, some have gel-like translucence.

Choose one or two amazonite bead stackable stretchy bracelets from the dropdown menu. The option for two bracelets is packed in one jewelry box. These bracelets are made of natural stones with unique variances in shape, size, translucence, shimmer, interior patterns + color hue/saturation. Intuitively chosen for you.


Amazonite is a powerful throat + heart chakra stone that helps to release toxic vibes + negative emotions, filter out stresses + heal traumas with it's soothing energies. Peaceful + dreamy Amazonite has a healthy, balancing effect on your emotions, calming the brain + soothing the nervous system. 

Amazonite is a profoundly soothing stone that helps to fortify your inner confidence with speaking your truth, heartfelt communication + finding balance + harmony in challenging situations.

Amazonite balances masculine + feminine energies. It helps you to see both sides of a problem or different points of view. It soothes emotional trauma, alleviates worry + fear, dispels negative energy, eases aggravation + works to clear blockages within the nervous system.

Amazonite is a stone of heart-centered communication. It reminds us that it's time for our voices to be heard. This potent  stone activates your throat chakra, helping you move beyond the fear of confrontation or judgment so you can freely pursue your authenticity + express your true self with grace.

Amazonite can offer you an entirely fresh outlook on life. The pressures of society like gender roles + cultural expectations can cloud your inner truth, but Amazonite can help guide you to embody a more authentic existence.

The pics show sizes mixed together. The pics with the Goddess stacks show Rose Quartz (pink) + Howlite (white w/gray pattern) which are also available in our shop HERE.

Bracelets are packaged, ready for gifting in a gift box with a bow. If you purchase more than one bracelet, they will arrive together in the same jewelry box unless you specify that you need individual boxes for each. Write a note in your order or send us an email, we're happy to accommodate.

Remove your beaded jewelry before swimming or showering to protect its longevity.

Customer Reviews

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Shirley T
This bracelet is just as stunning, gemmy a...

This bracelet is just as stunning, gemmy and saturated as it is in the photos!

June A
Beautiful Amazonite Bracelet, it fits well...

Beautiful Amazonite Bracelet, it fits well and the colors are beautiful and calming. Everything was perfect! Thank you.