Green Aventurine Buddha Head Carving

$ 89

Green Aventurine Buddha Head Carving

Buddha means one who is awake. Placing a Buddha figurine in your home can bring a positive + harmonious vibe, elevating your sacred space.

Green Aventurine offers heart-centered blessings from Gaia. It comforts, harmonizes, diffuses negative emotions + balances the heart chakra.

10-10.3 oz

3.21"-3.22" tall
1.83"-1.88" square-ish base

A strategically placed Buddha can positively impact your mental health + offer the energy of peace + serenity. In Feng Shui, Buddha statues are used to attract chi energy + redirect it throughout your home, office + garden space.

Green Aventurine resonates with the heart chakra, protecting the heart + promoting compassion. It's an excellent choice to boost confidence, attract luck, abundance + success. It's also said to help attract love later in life.

The sweet, soothing energy of this stone connects you with the Earth, inspiring higher consciousness + replenishing your spirit with joyful energy.

Green Aventurine is an ally wherever you are in your spiritual journey.

These hand carved Buddhas vary slightly in shape, hue, color saturation, sparkle + clarity as shown in pics. Each hand carved stone Buddha is uniquely beautiful + powerful, as you can see + will be intuitively chosen for you.

The beautiful cards in the background of the 2nd pic are from the Herbal Tarot Deck by Michael Tierra