Calm Prickly Pear Nectar

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Rosehips + Sacha Inchi + Marula

soothe, replenish, restore

A moisturizing, anti-inflammatory super food facial serum overflowing with phytonutrients + antioxidants to calm, nourish + transform irritated, inflamed skin.

Featuring potent Prickly Pear Seed Oil loaded with vitamin K, this luxurious cold pressed oil encourages cellular renewal by deeply nourishing + hydrating the skin, balancing sebum production + soothing irritation, for a supple, smooth + even-toned complexion.

Formulated for environmentally damaged, irritated, reactive skin prone to redness, this nurturing oil will benefit virtually all skin types. This richly nurturing, anti-inflammatory blend of nutrient dense botanical oils includes tamanu, chia, carrot seed, sacha inchi plus a proprietary herbal infusion to facilitate the calming of inflammation + encourage cellular repair. The powerfully healing Azulene rich essential oils Blue Tansy, German Chamomile + Yarrow add their luxurious blue calm + fruity-herbal scent to this exquisite oil blend.

This nurturing anti-inflammatory oil serum effectively soothes + calms redness, restoring radiance to weather worn, sun-damaged, dry, wrinkled, acneic, oily, rosacea prone, inflamed + irritated skin.

This skin-loving serum contains natural sun protection from antioxidant-rich oils of Sacha Inchi, Carrot Seed + Jojoba.

Ingredient Highlights

Prickly Pear Seed Oil, also known as Barbary Fig Seed Oil is as powerful as it is luxurious. Prickly Pear contains 150% more Vitamin E than Argan Oil. The “skinfood” mega-antioxidant Vitamin E helps the skin retain moisture, scavenges free radical, has amazing anti-inflammatory benefits, speeds healing, calms redness, and can even repairs sun damage. Vitamin K which helps even skin tone, reduce spider veins and broken capillaries.  An impressive source of essential fatty acids including lineoleic, oleic, and palmitic, Prickly Pear Oil is unparalleled this gentle, healing, and protective oil is beneficial for all skin types.

Rosehips Seed Oil are rich in essential fatty acids, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and minerals and has been shown to help improve elasticity of the skin, regenerate skin cells, slow down premature aging, reduce the formation of wrinkles, and reduce scarring.

Sacha Inchi Oil is loaded with skin-saving amino acids and antioxidants like Vitamins A and E. This light-weight and fast-absorbing “skinfood” oil deeply nourishes and hydrates with an impressive 93% essential fatty acid content. Sacha Inchi Oil is considered to be the highest plant-based source of Omega 3 fatty acids in any plant. The omega-3's in Sacha Inchi are mostly linoleic acids which are anti-inflammatory, promote wound healing, help to even out skin tone, fade scars, and reduce redness. Truly transformative, Sacha Inchi Oil hydrates, nourishes, prevents, and treats inflammation of the skin.

Our fav anti-inflammatory essential oil, deep blue Yarrow works some potent plant magic on stressed out skin. High in Azulene, Yarrow is a great purifier and wound healer, helping to speed healing of acne and other skin conditions.  It’s astringent, antiseptic, and emollient qualities help balance oil production, promoting smooth, healthy skin. Yarrow is profoundly de-stressing to the mind, body, spirit. It’s calming nature helps one overcome both emotional and environmental stresses, easing feelings of anxiousness and allowing for more a peaceful, relaxed state of being.

German Chamomile / Blue Chamomile:  High in Azulene which gives this loving oil it’s deep greenish-blue hue, and makes it a top choice to support a healthy inflammatory response, soothing inflammation, calming redness, and easing painful skin conditions such as breakouts and sunburn. Blue Chamomile helps nourish and restore healthy and balanced oil production. This sunny, daisy-like flower calms stress our responses, encourages gentle relaxation and deeply restful sleep, and promotes overall feelings of well-being in mind, body, and spirit

Tamanu Oil is highly antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal, astringent, anti-inflammatory, and soothe irritated skin. Extremely high in antioxidants, and thus, a powerhouse healer for acne. Tamanu oil promotes healthy cell growth, has amazing regenerative properties, and is calming to inflamed, irritated skin conditions. A rich and nutritive oil, which works wonders to restore elasticity and balance oil production for clear, healthy, and balanced skin.

Blue Tansy is a supreme skin soother is known to promote healthy lymphatic function, reduce inflammation, calm redness, and speed healing for upset, irritated skin. Similar to Yarrow and Blue Chamomile, Blue Tansy is high in Azulene and has a profound relaxing effect, helping to ease upset nerves, calm stress, and induce a peaceful calm for mind, body, and spirit.

Helichrysum is supremely gentle, soothing, profoundly healing, and is known to be a spiritually uplifting scent. Also known as Everlasting, this precious plant essence is full of beneficial antioxidants that work to keep your skin firm, youthful, and vibrant. It speeds cellular regeneration making it beneficial for smoothing and plumping wrinkles and sagging skin. Helichrysum calms and soothes sensitive and inflamed skin, helping to fade redness, speed healing of blemishes, promoting healthy, balanced, and hydrated skin.

Skin Types
Mature, sun-damaged, overexposed, dry, oily normal, sensitive, irritated, and combination skin types.

Vitis vinifera (grape*) seed oil, jojoba* oil infusion* {Achillea millefolium (yarrow**) flowers, Lavandula angustifolia (lavender**) flower, Plantago major (plantain**) leaf, Rosa damascena (rose*) flowers, Calendula officinalis (calendula**) flower}, Rosa canina (rosehip*) fruit oil, Opuntia ficus indica (prickly pear*) seed oil, Sclerocarya birrea (marula) seed oil, Salvia hispanica (chia*) seed oil, Plukenetia volubilis (sacha inchi*) oil, squalane (olive), Cucurbita pepo (pumpkin*) seed oil, Calophyllum inophyllum (tamanu*) oil, CoQ10, Daucus carota sativa (carrot) seed oil, Nigella sativa (cumin*) seed oil, Tanacetum annum (tansy) essential oil, Achillea millefolium (yarrow) flower oil, Rosa damascena (rose otto*) flower oil, Helichrysum italicum (helichrysum*) flower oil, Matricaria chamomilla (German chamomile*) flower oil, Anthemis nobilis (Roman chamomile*) flower oil, Pelargonium graveolens (rose geranium*) essential oil, Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary*) leaf extract, Non-GMO D-alpha tocopherol (vitamin E), love.

*organic ingredients, **wild mountain foraged/cultivated

Our facial oils are concentrated skin-food nutrients that can be use as a serum, moisturizer or spot treatment depending on your skin's needs.

Facial Serum: Starting with freshly cleansed + toned skin, apply a few drops of facial oil to your fingertips + gently pat evenly over face + neck. Follow with your favorite SpaGoddess moisturizer.

Facial Moisturizer: After cleansing, toning + applying serums appropriate to your skin type, apply a several drops of facial oil to fingertips and gently pat into face and neck. Lightly mist your face with toner. Using your fingertips, spread a couple drops evenly over your skin. 

Spot Treatment: Apply a small amount to areas of concern as a last step in your facial routine. Repeat as needed..

Customer Reviews

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I absolutely love love love this stuff!!!

First off the seller is amazing to work with (even when your being annoying.) I didn't realize how much my skin needed this until a week in of using it and there was a huge difference!!! I bought it specifically for the tansy but the results were well over my expectations (and I've bought loads of blue tansy products before.) the product calms and evens out your skin tone, even when you don’t think you need it. I plan on slowly trying All her facial products because I love the one so much!

Sage S.
Mega Nourishing

I use a microdermabrasion tool to help with acne and redness. After, it’s important to moisturize. With the Calm Prickly Pear, I know I’m feeding it everything it needs to heal and repair. Dumping natural ingredients into your skin is so important. This is the most natural company I’ve found. The prices are great and every product is heavenly and works! I can’t believe how much my skin is improving.

This stuff is MAGIC!!!!

This oil saved my face!!! I was having problems with redness on my face, after 5 nights of apply as night time moisturizer and the redness is GONE!!! My skin is glowing!!!