Colorful Crystal Moon, Star + Heart Crystal Confetti Set

$ 49

A fall color, crystal confetti style, celestial crystal set has arrived! The crystal sets are a full collection with 7 mini sized crystal moon, star + heart shapes with quartz crystal confetti chips to add sparkle + amplify the crystal healing properties.

Unakite Star 32mm diameter
Amethyst Heart 12mm tall
Green Rutile Moon 17-18mm tall
Labradorite Heart 14mm tall
Golden Aventurine Crescent Moon 30mm tall
Fire Quartz Star 13-14 mm diameter
Fire Quartz w/Golden Healer Moon 20mm tall
1 oz clear Quartz Chips

Comes in a set of mylar pouches to hold the crystals with an info card to help you get you started with your new crystals. I've included a simple + fun method to help you learn how to connect with each different crystal + begin to feel the subtle differences in the energy + healing properties of each of these unique crystals.

Use these pretty little moons, stars + hearts in your crystal grids, to decorate your tarot spreads, inspire your journaling or meditation practice, moon rituals, to adorn your altar space, to accent your crystal collection, floating in your jewelry box or in a pretty dish.

Crystal Properties
  • Unakite is a Heart Chakra crystal that is balancing to the emotional body, helping one to release deep-seated emotions in a slow + gentle way. Its soothing pink + green colors lift spirits when one is feeling down + bring a harmonizing energy.
  • Amethyst has a calming, soothing vibration that helps you relax, reduce your stress levels + promote peaceful sleep.
  • Green Rutilated Quartz is about healing + transformation in mind, body + spirit. If you are struggling with your health in any capacity, or if you’re a healer, use this stone to shift the energy toward healing + the flow of abundance.
  • Golden White Aventurine resonates with the crown chakra + connects us to the angelic realms. White Aventurine stimulates emotional recovery + encourages you to follow your heart. This soothing color of Aventurine can bring a sense of inner-peace, self love, acceptance + personal vision.
  • Labradorite is a stone of insight, magic + destiny, an essential in your crystal toolkit⁠. Labradorite is a powerful Air/Wind element stone often used for magic + divination as it creates a protective force field around the aura, opening your consciousness + enabling you to move through the unseen realms.⁠
  • Fire Quartz has a high energetic vibration that helps transform + transmute negativity into a more positive + harmonious energetic vibration. Fire Quartz crystals spark your creativity + resonate with the lower chakras Root, Sacral + Solar Plexus as well as the Heart.
  • Golden Healer Crystals are Master Healers work to cleanse your auric field, filling it with golden healing light, restoring your body’s natural balance + harmony. Meditating with a Golden Healer Crystal can open the energetic pathways of the body for multi-level healing.
  • Clear Quartz is the Master Healer of the crystal world. It's a stone of clarity, light, reflection + amplification. Clear Quartz Crystal is a cosmic clarifier + an energy amplifier. It resonates with all of the chakras + each Zodiac sign. Clear Quartz amplifies the healing properties of other stones.

These sets are intuitively chosen for you. No substitutions. Pictures show a few different sets + the variety in the stones. Not two crystals are alike + variations in color, hue, saturation, clarity/opacity, mineral inclusions, patterning in the stone, shimmer + rainbows are to be expected. These crystals are natural gifts from Gaia, cut + polished into these special shapes.

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