Gem Lepidolite Mini Hearts

$ 12

These rare, mini-sized Gem Lepidolite Hearts are super flashy, gemmy, colorful + simply beautiful! Lepidolite is known as the Peace Stone + as the Grandmother Stone because of it's soothing, calming + nurturing properties. Gem Lepidolite is supremely soothing to the emotions.

Gem Lepidolite is a high grade from of Lepidolite that is shimmery + flashy in shades of light to dark purple, plum, wine red, pinkish purple + lilac with a silvery, gemmy flash, also known as Lepidolite Mica. Mica is a shimmering flaky mineral + those layers are visible in the stones. No two are alike!

Hearts are an emblem of love. Love is emitted + amplified by heart-shaped crystals. These mini crystals are a fun, affordable way to add rare crystal + gemstone varieties with unique shapes to your crystal collection. Use them in your crystal grids, moon rituals, as a sweet little gift, or just floating in your ring dish or jewelry box.

Listing is for 1 or 2 mini hearts, rounded on both sides, intuitively chosen. These are slightly larger + more gemmy + more rounded than the previous batch.
2-3 grams each
13-14mm wide
8-9mm thick

Crystal Healing Properties of Lepidolite

Lepidolite is an ultra soothing stone that brings balance + harmony, tranquility + calm, which can help you achieve deep, peaceful + restful sleep.

When you're feeling anxious, hold a piece of Lepidolite. Lepidolite is high in lithium, which contributes to this stone's soothing + calming effect. Holding Lepidolite can bring a sense of calm + tranquility to times of stress + chaos.

Lepidolite is known as a stone of transition + can be helpful with feelings of grief, as it helps to calm your mind, relieve stress + create a sense of security.

Gem Lepidolite is a high-quality form of Lepidolite which is composed of very thin, fine layers of Mica. This beautiful purple gemstone displays incredibly translucency under the light that shows off its stunning range of purple-red plum wine hues + flashy mica layers.

Each stone is uniquely beautiful + powerful + will be intuitively chosen for you. There is a lot of range in coloring, so if you have a preference, please write a note in the order comments + I will pick the best option from what is available. Weights + measures are approximate.