Crystals for Grief Set of 7 Stones

$ 38

Our Crystal Set for Grief contains 7 high-quality crystals selected to support the grieving process with your healing in mind, packaged in a cotton pouch with an info card describing the healing properties of each stone + some ways you can use them to help you through difficult times. 

This unique crystal care package for grief offers crystalline comfort + energetic support through the seasons as you heal + process emotions of loss, sadness + bereavement. These calming crystals are a soothing sympathy gift for someone in need of TLC.

The stones included in the crystal set are rose quartz, smokey quartz, rainbow moonstone, ruby in zoisite, lepidolite, howlite + pink opal. Each set is intuitively chosen with the intention of assisting during times of grief, mourning + loss. 

Beginners welcome! You don't need any previous knowledge of crystals to feel the benefits. I've included a simple + fun method to get you started connecting with the crystals + begin to feel the subtle differences in the energy + tune into their unique properties to support your healing journey.

Smooth tumbled + comforting to hold during times of stress or in meditation, these crystals fit nicely in your pocket or purse for support on the go. These soothing crystals are a helpful addition to your crystal healing toolbox + make a thoughtful, comforting gift.

These stones can support you in times of emotional stress, helping to comfort, ground, release negative energies, encourage growth + usher in healing for your mind, body + spirit.

Rose Quartz Tumble ~ gentle + soothing to the heart + emotions
Howlite Cube ~ calming, peaceful energy for emotional healing
Rainbow Moonstone Tumbled Chunk ~ new beginnings + soothes emotions
Ruby in Zoisite Tumble ~ healing, courage + strength
Smokey Quartz Tumble ~ stabilizing energy supports emotional stress
Pink Opal Tumble ~ gentle energy of compassion + peace
Lepidolite Tumble ~ a calming stone of transition
Size of each stone varies per set. You may get a larger or smaller than pictured that will be balanced out by a larger or smaller of a different stone.

The crystals arrive in a cotton travel pouch hand-stamped with the Wild Mountain logo with info to help you you ID the stones + learn their crystal healing properties. 

Pictures show a couple of different sets to show the variety in the stones. No two crystals are alike + variations in size, color, hue, saturation, clarity/opacity + inclusions are to be expected.

Tumbles are irregular + imperfect by nature with some being rounder or thinner, longer, shorter or more angular. Size varies approximately 1-2" + total combined weight of stones is approximately 5-6 oz. These crystals are natural gifts from Gaia to support you on your healing journey.

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Lizzie S
Perfect item, fast shipping, very nice

Perfect item, fast shipping, very nice

Madelyn F
I love this set ♥️ This seller is great. I...

I love this set ♥️ This seller is great. I highly recommend

Lenna O
I contacted the seller to inquire about th...

I contacted the seller to inquire about the time line on shipping for my order. Despite her home being at risk during fire season, she was still able to get the package out asap. Everything was beautiful.