Engraved Wooden ALTAR TRAY with Pentagram or Triple Moon

$ 22

Engraved Wooden ALTAR TRAY with Pentagram or Triple Moon Pentacle

These lovely wood trays are the perfect catchall for your special crystals, sage, tarot cards, jewelry or any of your precious keepsakes.

Simple yet beautiful engraved wood plates to hold your treasured items add a little something special to the energy of your sacred space.

Use this offering tray to decorate your altar. There are endless ways to use this offering dish in your sacred rituals. 

The Triple Goddess symbol of the waxing, full + waning moon, representing the archetypal aspects of Maiden, Mother + Crone.

The Pentagram aka Pentacle is a talisman or magical object inscribed with a pentagram + used as a symbol of the element of Earth.

7.25" long
4.04" wide
0.6" thick

This listing is for the dish, stones much be purchased separately. I have many special crystals for your collection including the moons, stars, hearts, small spheres, animals + Goddess figurines + merkabahs that you see in these example pics as well as curated sets of tumbled stones.

All of the sweet little crystal moons + stars shown in these pics are available in our shop HERE, crystal flowers are HERE.

Shown with the Herbal Tarot Deck by Michael Tierra. Size of this deck for reference is 4.71" long x 2.76" wide.