Sweet Sleep Crystal Set

$ 24

Our Sweet Sleep Crystal Set contains 6 high-quality crystals selected to help you cultivate calm + serene energy at bedtime, supporting deep relaxation, sweet dreams + peaceful sleep. The crystal set includes Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Lepidolite, Howlite, Black Tourmaline + Selenite.

This unique crystal care package for sleep offers crystalline comfort + energetic support to help you wind down from your day, diffuse any feelings of anxiety or stress so that you can relax + get a good night's sleep.

The stones included in the crystal set are selenite, amethyst, rose quartz, lepidolite, howlite + black tourmaline. The soothing, protective + expansive vibrations of these special crystals can help you feel safe + grounded so you can relax, let go of your stress + sleep better. 

Smooth tumbled + comforting to hold during times of stress or in meditation, these crystals fit nicely in your pocket or purse + look pretty together in a dish on your nightstand. These soothing crystals are a helpful addition to your crystal healing toolbox + make a thoughtful, comforting gift.

Allow these healing crystals to support you daily. Keep by your bedside + connect with them as part of your night time sacred self care ritual. Tuck one into your pillowcase with an with intention for good sleep. You can choose one to work with each night or work with all of them helping to comfort, ground, release negative energies + usher in peaceful energy + healing for your mind, body + spirit.

Crystal Healing Properties

Amethyst ~ peaceful, calming vibrations help you relax, ease stress + sleep better. This soothing stone can help with insomnia, promoting deep restful sleep

Rose Quartz ~ gentle, nurturing + soothing to the heart, + emotions. It’s heart-centered energy helps you relax so you can sleep better

Lepidolite ~ a calming stone that soothes emotions. It’s energy is nurturing, peaceful, soothing + tranquil

Howlite ~ a guardian stone that diffuses tension with a gentle, calming, compassionate energy that fosters deep peace + serenity

Black Tourmaline ~ a grounding, stabilizing stone with protective energy that diffuses negativity, balances emotions, helping you relax + sleep more peacefully

Selenite ~ a powerful stone to cleanse, clear + reset the vibes with a peaceful, ethereal high vibrational energy that helps you connect with your spirit guides + guardian angels 

The crystals arrive in a cotton travel pouch hand-stamped with the Wild Mountain Crystals logo along with info to help you ID the stones + learn their crystal healing properties. 

Beginners welcome! You don't need any previous knowledge of crystals to feel the benefits. I've included a simple + fun method to get you started connecting with the crystals + begin to feel the subtle differences in the energy + tune into their unique properties to support your healing journey.

The last picture compares two different sets to show the variety in the stones. These crystals are natural gifts from Gaia + no two crystals are alike. Variations in size, shape, color, hue, saturation, clarity/opacity + inclusions are to be expected. 

Tumbles are irregular + imperfect by nature with some being rounder or thinner, longer, shorter or more angular. Tumbles vary in size approximately 1"-2", Selenite stick is about 4" long. Sizes of each stone varies per set. You may get a larger or smaller than pictured that will be balanced out by a larger or smaller of a another stone. Total combined weight of stones is approximately 3-4 oz. 

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Marietta M
Excellent quality. Super fast shipment. Th...

Excellent quality. Super fast shipment. Thoughtful packaging, note, and surprise gift. Superb customer service. Thank you for your kindness, love & light. Abundant blessings and continued success!