Avocado Polychrome Jasper Bowl

$ 34

These sweet hand carved Polychrome Jasper Bowls are a work of art + a beautiful addition to your crystal decor. These little one of a kind natural stone bowls are perfect for holding your special things, jewelry + crystals, or for using in sacred ceremony.

Polychrome Jasper has a calming, centering + grounding energy that deepens + strengthens your connection to Mother Earth.

# 4 - 5.8 oz, 3.43" x 2.27" x 1.04"

The other bowls in the group pics are available in separate listings.

Crystal Healing Properties of Polychrome Jasper

Polychrome Jasper's energy is potent + alive. It embodies passion, exuberance, vibrancy, vitality, action + creativity. Its healing energies can illuminate your path + give you a new outlook on how to manifest your dreams + embody your higher self.

The striations + patterns in this fire element stone reveal the deep, hidden wisdom of nature + how the land we live on has evolved throughout time. This supportive stone will help you sustain tranquility + wholeness during stressful times.

Meditate with Polychrome Jasper Crystal when you're in need of stability + balance. It encourages a connection between our emotional + physical bodies, creating a sense of wholeness.

Polychrome Jasper, also known as Desert Jasper, is a swirly colorful variety of Jasper recently discovered in Madagascar. It's distinct shades of brown, yellow, tan, red, rusty orange, pink, purple, teal + robin egg/ seafoam blue come from iron + other mineral inclusions in the stone.

These hand carved stone vessels are natural gifts from Gaia with unique variances in shape, size, interior patterns + color. Weights + measures are approximate.