Crystal Holder with Zodiac Wheel Design

$ 22

This versatile metal Crystal Holder has a circular base with a zodiac wheel design. The crystal is held in between two sets of crescent moon shaped prongs, a design that is quite versatile + displays a wide variety of crystal shapes beautifully + elegantly.

This crystal stand allows the light to pass through all sides of the crystal, which really shows off the beauty of translucent stones + crystals that do not stand by themselves.

The unique shape of this stand can hold crystal hearts, moons, palmstones, double-terminated crystals, specimens + more. It is not easily adjustable, so it DOES NOT WORK FOR EVERY CRYSTAL. But you can see from the pics that it looks amazing with many sizes + shapes. The crescent moon prongs can be adjusted with pliers, but that may damage the finish, so be mindful if you try that.

If you need this to fit a specific crystal, please refer to the list below + send me DM before purchasing if you need help. Please do not leave me a bad review if this doesn't fit your crystal, that really hurts my small business. 

I photographed a wide variety of crystals that do work well, but many others didn't. 2-4" seemed to be the sweet spot, see the list below. Send me a DM before you purchase if you want me to check if your crystal will fit. Use this list to compare sizes with your crystal.

Phantom Quartz Point - 3.65" x 1.84" x 1.14"
OJ Heart - 3" x 2.85" x 1.2"
Blue Rose Quartz Palm Stone - 2.65" x 1.95" x 0.9"
Botryoidal Hematite Specimen - 3.73" x 1.8" X 0.9"
Rose Quartz Moon - 2.83" x 1.5" x 1.9"
Amethyst Hexagon - 2.06" x 1.76" x 0.8"
Candy Fluorite DT - 4.07" x 0.85"

Septarian Disc - 2.87" x 2.45" x .3"

4.44" tall
2.3" distance from of top prong to V 
2.08" width between prongs
0.67" width of prong 
0.67" prong 
2.72" base diameter

The moon-shaped prongs that hold the crystal are not easily adjustable, so this stand will not work for every crystal. If the crystal is too wide, it won't fit in the prongs. If the crystal is not evenly shaped, it will sit crooked in the stand. That may look great or it might unexpectedly highlight a flaw. I think the best way to order this is to be flexible with which of your crystals is going to work best in this stand. 

Pro Tip

Use a small piece of poster putty to help level out your crystal if it sits crooked in the stand. Here's a link to the poster putty I use to stabilize crystals.* It's helpful to note that this trick does not work in a sunny window because the putty softens in the heat.

This listing is for one stand, crystals not included, but sold seperately.

*If you purchase through that affiliate link, I earn a small commission at no cost to you.

Customer Reviews

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Sydnee L
Unique crystal holder for heart shape

Unique crystal holder for heart shape

Lilliana K
Stand is so pretty! I love it. Seller was...

Stand is so pretty! I love it. Seller was communicative and shipped it earlier than expected. Thank you!

Yoshiko E
This is a beautiful and versatile stand. I...

This is a beautiful and versatile stand. I have my pink amethyst heart on it now. Thanks you also for the little gems.

Courtney S
Really unique stand, works perfectly for a...

Really unique stand, works perfectly for a flat, wide crystal I wanted to display.

Hattie W
Love it. The right size for my moon.

Love it. The right size for my moon.