Tiny Quartz Cats - Pick your fav!

$ 10

These miniature crystal kitty cat figurines are carved from natural clear quartz crystal with small iron inclusions. They're tiny + so cute! Each quartz crystal kitty is about 1.15" tall + has its own quirky personality.

These crystal cats are a fun small gift idea for any cat lover. A crystal cat carving looks pretty on your vanity with your jewelry, as the centerpiece of your crystal grids, on your meditation altar + accents your other crystals, bringing diversity + personality to your crystal decor.

0.7-0.8 oz
+/- 1.15" tall
+/- 0.85" wide
0.9-1" deep

# 3 has a slightly different foot. It looks like one of the feet broke off + was polished so it's smooth, not sharp. Discounted accordingly. You will receive the exact mini cat that you choose from the pics. They're small + imperfect with mineral inclusions. 


The Cat Spirit Animal has a fanciful, magical + independent energy. Cats remind you to trust your journey + believe in yourself. They can be protective, intuitive guides between the physical + the spiritual realms + can open one to increased psychic activity. The cat totem symbolizes all things sensual, curious, mysterious + magical.