7 Chakra Crystal Chip Set

$ 38

Crystal chips in an array of rainbow colors that align with the seven major chakras. There are so many uses for crystal chips + small tumbles for your creative projects! These small crystals are packaged in attractive mylar pouches + labeled with the type of stone + the key metaphysical properties.

Some of my favorite ways to use crystal chips + tumbles include making wish jars + intention candles. Crystals are so pretty in potted plants + terrariums. I also put skin safe crystal chips in Aromatherapy Rollers, Gem Elixirs + Aura Mists*. Crystal chips make a nice addition to your crystal display + crystal grids. Crystal chips are a fun surprise inside birthday cards + love notes. 

How will you use your crystal chips?

You will receive 1 oz of each:
Crown Chakra - Clear Quartz SM Tumbles
Third Eye Chakra - Lepidolite Chips
Throat Chakra - Aquamarine Chips
Heart Chakra - Prehnite Chips
Solar Plexus Chakra - Citrine SM Tumbles
Sacral Chakra - Sunstone Chips
Root Chakra - Strawberry Quartz Tiny Chips

Crystal chips + tumbles are imperfect by design. You should expect all kinds of variations in shape, size, color, etc. The sizes + shapes vary between the different stone types. Some shapes are more rounded, others are irregular. Some are not completely smooth + may contain pits, marks, and/or mineral inclusions. You might get a stray chip of a different stone included. Weights + measures are approximate.

*Please check safety before using any crystals in topical skincare products or ingestible infusions. Minerals like selenite, malachite, fluorite, kyanite, moonstone + many others either dissolve in water and/or contain toxic minerals that leach into the liquid. 

Have questions? Need a larger quantity or a custom crystal confetti mix? Send me a DM:)