8th Vein Orbicular Ocean Jasper Palm Stones

$ 44

Choose your favorite Ocean Jasper palm stone! These stunning 8th Vein Orbicular Ocean Jasper Palmstones with swirls of sparkly quartz, distinctive earthy colors + well formed orbicular patterns. The quartz adds sparkle + translucence + there are a few small sparkly druzy caverns. The varied color palette gives these special pieces an understated elegance that becomes more + more beautiful the deeper you look at them. 

8th Vein Ocean Jasper is highly coveted among collectors as it only comes from one mine in Marovato Madagascar which is mined out. What is currently on the market is all that is available, making it highly sought after.

Yellow - 2.4 oz, 2.27" x 1.5" x 0.97"
Black - 2.5 oz, 2.9" x 1.72" x 1" 
These stones have minor cracks, pits + druzy caverns which are characteristic of Ocean Jasper. You will receive the exact palm stone that you choose from the pictures.


Ocean Jasper has an extensive range of colors, swirling patterns, mineral inclusions, quartz druzy, translucent gel chalcedony veining + various sizes of bubbly, orbicular shapes in this coveted stone. Ocean Jasper is affectionately called OJ + comes from remote coastal mines in Madagascar. It has an earthy grounding energy steeped in ancient wisdom. Ocean Jasper is known as The Atlantis Stone + it's believed to be linked to the ancient city, holding mystic knowledge within its crystalline structure.

Ocean Jasper is also known as orbicular jasper due to it's swirling + orb-like inclusions of color. These round orbs associate with the circle + sphere, traditional symbols of wholeness.

It's highly beneficial for channeling spiritual wisdom + gaining insight into one’s past lives. It helpful in meditation gently offering mental clarity + focus. This stone is grounding + centering. Ocean Jasper is beneficial in your yoga + breathwork practice as it's a stone of continuity, facilitating deep + even circular breathing.

Ocean Jasper is a type of chalcedony which combines a variety of minerals different that were compressed, heated + bonded together in primordial lava flows to create this very special stone. Each piece is completely unique + very interesting.