Large Sodalite Crystal Ankh

$ 122

This stunning hand-carved Crystal Ankh is hand-carved from a blue Sodalite Crystal with beautiful swirling White Calcite + Feldspar veins that create lots of depth + patterning within the stone.

Sodalite is a stone of awakening. It stimulates the Pineal Gland + the Third Eye, activating intuition + awakening psychic abilities.

The Ankh is perceived as an energetic tuning fork that can create a healing frequency, especially when held in meditation. Working with this ancient symbol of life connects us with higher consciousness + shines light on our soul wisdom, learned through many lifetimes.⁠⁠

⁠The Ankh was revered in Atlantean times as a symbol of pure love resonating with Higher Heart Energy. ⁠The Ankh is associated with the Goddess Isis + the Goddess Sekhmet.⁠

The Ankh is the Breath of Life.⁠⁠

9.1 oz
6.1" tall
2.9" wide
0.8" thick

Crystal Healing Properties of Sodalite

Sodalite an an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their spiritual growth, strengthen their self-expression, or tap into their intuition.

Sodalite is a good stone for intuitive readers. It makes an excellent tarot crystal + is helpful to astrologers, numerologists + those who consult other oracles as it assists in translating archetypal or energetic patterns into useful + meaningful information about our earthly lives.

Sodalite is one of the rare naturally blue crystals most often with white, gray, black or orange inclusions of calcite, black tourmaline, and/or feldspar. The deep, rich blue color of the stone gives it a soothing + calming energy, which helps put your spirit at ease + deepen your meditations.

Sodalite acts as a guide on your inner travels. It can be useful in recalling your dreams + can help you practice lucid dreaming.

Sodalite has a stress-relieving, go with the flow effect that's calming to the mind, making it a good stone to hold when you feel nervous, worried, or tense.

Meditate with Sodalite before you'll be having a difficult conversation, giving a presentation or doing any public speaking as it can help you express yourself clearly + without fear.

Sodalite is known to strengthen the bonds of harmony, trust + solidarity. Sodalite is associated with the zodiac signs Virgo + Sagittarius.

You will receive the exact crystal ankh carving that you see in the pictures. Natural stones may have inherent marks, mineral inclusions, or slight imperfections. Weights + measures are approximate.