Super Flashy Saturated Pink Kunzite Moon

$ 133

This big Kunzite Moon is a beautifully saturated purplish pink color with loads of flash + glittery rainbow shimmer on both sides. It's a nice size + weight to hold in meditation. These larger size moon carvings are a very rare find for Kunzite, a much loved + coveted heart chakra crystal.

This beautiful Kunzite Moon will make a beautiful addition to your crystal collection, a powerful addition to your crystal healing layouts + gorgeous centerpiece for your altar + crystal grid designs. And what a special gift for any crystal lover!

Kunzite has a joyful, loving energy. It's a stone of Divine Love.

Pretty pink to violet colored Kunzite is a water element Heart Chakra crystal in the semi-precious gemstone category. It clears the pathways between the heart + the mind, helping you better understand + process your emotions.

The Moon is a powerful, feminine symbol representing the universal rhythm of time, the cycles of life, the ebb + flow of the tides, the ever-changing seasons...

3.1 oz (89g)
2.31" tall
1.97" wide
0.66" thick

Photos were taken in bright sunlight. The moon shimmers on both sides.

Crystal Healing Properties of Kunzite

Kunzite is a deeply healing spiritual stone that spreads a loving vibration to every corner of life. It's energy permeates like water, juicy, cleansing + heavy in a good way, kinda like a cuddly bear hug.

Hold a piece of Kunzite + imagine this juicy joyful loving energy softly rolling over you like a gentle wave, saturating like spring rain, cleansing, flowing like a mountain spring, overflowing like a waterfall. Feel this steady unconditional goodness, this love from Gaia saturate to the very core of your being. Universal LOVE, prana, life.

Kunzite encourages emotional healing, forgiveness + fosters a strong sense of self. Kunzite is known to help heal heartache + calm nerves. Kunzite is said to help you experience + reciprocate love.

Kunzite helps you embody the vibration of Divine Love.