Black + White Crystal Bracelet Gift Set

$ 35

Our Black + White Crystal Bracelet Set includes White Moonstone, Orca Agate + Shungite beaded bracelets. I call this a goddess stack! Curated for their crystal healing properties in an aesthetically pleasing set of crystal beads in different sizes + shapes. Wearing a goddess stack of crystal bracelets feels decadent, empowering + magical, and helps you embody your goddess self.

Worn together these powerful crystal bracelets work to clear + balance your energetic field fostering a deep sense of self-knowing, helping you to interpret + communicate from the heart, illuminating the path to embodying the wisdom of your higher self.

This set includes  one each of the 3 crystal bracelets shown, details below, packaged in a gift box with a bow + a little card with the crystal properties.
White Moonstone 5-6mm freeform shape beads, separated by 3mm round beads
Orca Agate 8mm beads
Shungite 4mm beads

White Moonstone has a soothing, nurturing energy that helps balance your emotions, just like the Moon brings the ebb + flow of the tides. Wearing White Moonstone can offer stress relief + the soothing flow of peaceful, calming vibes.  Moonstone radiates lunar light. It harmonizes with feminine energy + helps you empower the Divine Feminine within yourself.⁠

Orca Agate is deeply connected to communication, inner truth + forgiveness. Wear your Orca Agate Bracelet to help you acknowledge your deeper truth, release all that no longer serves you to foster a gentle sense inner peace + forgiveness.

Shungite is a dense black mineraloid, 98% carbon stone that offers EMF protection, purification + detoxification of the body, as well as general healing + emotional well being.

Each beaded bracelet is completely unique + the natural stone beads look different on all sides. Natural stones may have inherent marks, mineral inclusions, or slight imperfections. Weights + measures are approximate. Remove your beaded jewelry before swimming or showering to protect its longevity.