Blue Aragonite Crystal Skull

$ 77

This Dreamy Blue Aragonite Skull is here to help you expand your compassion, hone your intuition + spark your creativity.

This crystal skull is hand carved from a very pale blue aragonite. It's almost white aragonite but it glows with a hint of aqua blue. Crystal skulls have been used for guidance, divination + healing around the world for thousands of years.

Working with a crystal skull can help you awaken your psychic abilities, connect with spirit guides, ancestors + ascended masters, helping you connect with wisdom + knowledge of lost civilizations.

Crystal Skulls are often mistaken as a symbol of physical death, however, they carry high frequency energy + help you access ancient wisdom through the Akashic Records. 

In the same way that our human skull protects + holds the brain, a crystal skull is a vessel of consciousness + knowledge of the past, present + future. Working with a crystal skull can help expand your consciousness.

11.85 oz (336 g)
2.51" tall
2.95" deep
1.87" wide

Crystal Healing Properties of Blue Aragonite

Blue Aragonite resonates with the heart, throat + third eye chakras.⁠ It's a joyful, expansive stone which can intensify + stabilize empathic + intuitive abilities.⁠

Blue Aragonite is here to soften emotional transitions. Blue Aragonite soothes + opens the throat so that you can clearly express deeper feelings + emotions from your heart.⁠ This stone encourages us to vocalize our feelings, speak our truth + is especially helpful in times of discomfort, when the tendency would normally keep it all bottled up.

Use this stone in meditation or breathwork practices to go deep, connecting the throat + heart.⁠ Hold the crystal in your non-dominant hand + sit with it for a while. Feel the soothing energy ripple through you like light salty tropical waves + soft fluffy sand.⁠ 

Blue Aragonite is also known as Caribbean Calcite, is a very light ocean Blue Calcite often  in combination with light brown, white, green + Pink Aragonite running through it. This stone is a relatively new find from Pakistan.⁠ This stone has natural crevices + cavities in the layers of minerals.

You will receive the exact same hand carved crystal skull that you see in the pictures. Natural stones may have inherent marks, mineral inclusions, or slight imperfections. Weights + measures are approximate.