Brilliant Orange Calcite Sphere with Druzy Cave

$ 99

This calcite sphere has a stunning, vibrant orange coloring with swirling pastel orange + white crystalline patterns + a couple of prominent druzy pockets. There is a large druzy split that's shaped like a mouth or a deep cave that goes into the crystal about an inch - so cool!! The juicy translucence + saturated orange color contrasting the white in this orange calcite crystal is simply beautiful!

The warm + sunny energy of Orange Calcite infuses the bright vibrations of creativity + energizing joy into the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus Chakras. Crystal Spheres radiate energy in all directions. Orange Calcite is an activating stone that encourages creativity, motivation + inspires joy in your workflow.

Orange calcite is a motivating crystal that is excellent to place in your office or workplace. Orange Calcite Crystals bring a sunny positive energy that makes it a great crystal décor piece and an excellent crystal for any type of creative space.

15.55 oz (441 g)
2.71"/ 69mm diameter
Polished smooth with some small pockets of the natural crystal texture that you can see in the photos.

Crystal Healing Properties of Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite Crystals help integrate the spiritual realm with the physical body. It's a helpful mood-lifter when working with issues like depression or emotional stress.

Hold your Orange Calcite Sphere in meditation to energize + cleanse the lower chakras, bringing positive energy, motivation, clarity + the will to act toward the manifestation of your goals.

Working with an Orange Calcite Crystal can help you release past traumas that have been holding you back, creating space for optimism + joy to come in. Orange Calcite helps you clear out old energy patterns or simply offer a little zing of inspiration in your day.

You will receive the exact orange calcite crystal sphere that you see in the pictures. They are natural stones + may have inherent marks or slight imperfections. Weights + measures are approximate.