Mini Rose Quartz Heart-Shaped Dish

$ 25

These small heart-shaped crystal bowls are carved from a beautiful pink crystal called Rose Quartz. They're little, gemmy + a gorgeous shade of pink! This dainty rose quartz bowl is the perfect size for a ring dish or as the centerpiece of your crystal grids, hold mini crystals + decorate your sacred space. 

Rose Quartz is the quintessential crystal of unconditional love + compassion. It's a lovely stone that infuses your environment with heart-warming, heart-centered energy.⁠ 

This pretty little crystal bowl is hand carved from a coveted, high quality stone that's gemmy + clear with a lovely pink color + beautiful interior patterns. 

1 ~ 2.35 oz, 2.23" x 1.92" x 0.59"
2 ~ 2.2 oz, 2.21" x 1.89" x 0.57"
3 ~ 2.3 oz, 2.11" x 1.87" x 0.61"
4 ~ 2.5 oz, 2.13" x 1.87" x 0.67"

Crystal bowls can be a powerful + beautiful tool in your manifestation practices. Light ground your intentions by writing your prayers or wishes onto a piece of paper + placing into the bowl while meditating on the highest possible outcome. A simple bedtime practice could be to write "I welcome deep + restful sleep to replenish my being" onto a piece of paper + place in the bowl. Seal the intention with the words "and so it is."


Rose quartz opens + heals the heart chakra. Rose Quartz is associated with Venus, the goddess of love. Rose Quartz supports your intentions to give + receive love + affection, deepening the bonds of intimacy. Rose Quartz infuses peace + serenity into your space + your relationships.

Rose Quartz can calm anxious thoughts + is a good stone to help with stress relief. Rose Quartz is an excellent bedroom crystal to keep the near the bed to encourage peaceful + more restful sleep

Rose Quartz Crystals gently connect you with your emotions + the wisdom of your heart to help you heal whatever needs healing. Rose Quartz is known to diffuse toxic emotions + blockages with compassion. Rose quartz is a essential part of your crystal healing toolkit + a true ally on your healing journey.

This pink crystal is perfect for all aspects of love including compassion for yourself, or finding a soulmate + mending a broken heart.

You will receive the exact rose quartz crystal heart bowl that you choose from the numbered pictures. Each crystal is unique in color hue/saturation, clarity/transparency, inclusions + patterning of the natural stone.