Crystal Chips + Small Tumbles in Bulk - 26 Stones

$ 6

There are so many uses for crystal chips + small tumbles! Currently offering your choice of 26 different types of crystal chips and/or tumbles for your creative projects! These small crystals are packaged in attractive mylar pouches + labeled with the type of stone with the key healing properties of the stone.

Some of my favorite ways to use crystal chips + tumbles include making wish jars + intention candles. Crystals are so pretty in potted plants + terrariums. I also put skin safe crystal chips in Aromatherapy Rollers, Gem Elixirs + Aura Mists*. Choose by color or crystal properties + blend to make a custom crystal confetti. Crystal chips make a nice addition to your crystal display + crystal grids. Crystal chips are a fun surprise inside birthday cards or holiday cards + they make a fun addition to goodie bags + party favors too. 

How will you use your crystal chips?

The different crystal types currently available are:
Aquamarine Chips 1 oz
Aura Clear Quartz Chips 1 oz
Blue Apatite Chips 1 oz
Carnelian SM Tumbles 1 oz
Clear Quartz SM Tumbles 1 oz
Citrine SM Tumbles 1 oz
Garnet Chips 1 oz
Fluorite Chips 1.5 oz
Kyanite Semi-Polished SM Sticks 1 oz
Labradorite Chips 1 oz
Lepidolite Chips 1 oz
Mookaite Jasper SM Chips 1 oz
Morganite Chips 1 oz
Obsidian SM Tumbles 1 oz
Ocean Jasper SM Tumbles 1 oz
Peach Moonstone Chips 1 oz
Phosphosiderite Chips 1 oz
Pink Opal Chips 1 oz
Prehnite Chips 1 oz
Pyrite Chips 1 oz
Rainbow Moonstone Chips 1 oz
Rhodonite Chips 1 oz
Rutilated Quartz Chips 1 oz
Quartz Points, SM 1 oz
Strawberry Quartz Tiny Chips 1 oz
Sunstone Chips 1 oz

Crystal chips + tumbles are imperfect by design. You should expect all kinds of variations in shape, size, color, etc. The size of the chips vary from teeny tiny chips to small tumbles about 1/2 inch as indicated in the dropdown menu. The sizes + shapes vary between the different stone types. Some shapes are more rounded, others are irregular. Some are not completely smooth + may contain pits, marks, and/or mineral inclusions. You might get a stray chip of a different stone included. The last 2 pics with the white boxes show 1 oz of stones. Weights + measures are approximate.

*Please check safety before using any crystals in topical skincare products or ingestible infusions. Minerals like selenite, malachite, fluorite, kyanite, moonstone + many others either dissolve in water and/or contain toxic minerals that leach into the liquid. 

Have questions? Need a larger quantity or a custom crystal confetti mix? Send me a DM:)