Custom Channeled Crystal Set

$ 111

This custom crystal set is like a mystery box, but much more intentional. Here's how it works: you fill out a short questionnaire + I tune in to the angels, guides + ascended masters to choose crystals for you guided by your answers + your higher self. This personalized, custom crystal set is a mindfully chosen, meaningful + thoughtful gift of high quality crystals for yourself or someone special.

I have a vast inventory with over 100 different kinds of crystals, gems + minerals, in a wide variety of shapes + sizes to choose your crystals from, a much wider (+ exciting) scope than what is currently available in the shop, plus new treasures arriving regularly. I'm honored to tune in + curate this one of a kind, custom channeled Crystal Set specifically for you!!

Whether you're new to crystals, an avid collector, or a crystal healing practitioner, this set is custom chosen to support your path. If you're more interested in pretty crystals to adorn your space + less in their healing properties, that's ok I love pretty crystals too:) This bespoke offering meets you where you are, honoring your path with acceptance + love.

My qualifications include Reiki Crystal Healing, Akashic Record Reading, Level 3 Angel Messenger + lifelong Intuitive Channel with advanced akashic gifts in using crystals for healing mind body + spirit, expanding consciousness + accelerating personal growth + ascension. After reviewing your answers I will draw upon my over 12 years in experience in crystal healing, along with my psychic + intuitive gifts to select your crystals in alignment with where you are on your soul journey, for your highest good + the highest good of all. 

  • The parameters of this offering is a safe + carefully set container regarding which crystals are best suited to assist you based on your answers to the questionnaire.
  • I'll include a printout with info on your new crystals + some suggestions on how to work with them + incorporate them into your life + healing journey.
  • All sets will come with selenite + palo santo so you have the healing energy tools on hand to cleanse + reset the energy of the crystals as you feel guided.

The numbers correspond to the value of the crystals in your set, $111, $777, $2222 worth of crystals, but I'll send you at least 20% more:) After purchase you will receive an email with a link to the questions in google docs. Your crystals will be chosen within 1 week after you complete the questions + submit your answers. If you order other items with this set, everything will ship together unless you contact me to arrange a separate shipment.

Your experience with your crystals will be highly individual + unique to you in relation to how you are guided to work with them.

The pictures show a variety of sets so you can see what yours might look like.

The fun is in the intuitive selection, mindfully chosen just for you along with all of the beautiful ways these crystals will come together in your life, your sacred self care, healing journey, relationships, altar space, manifestation practices, oracle card readings, meditations, moon rituals, crystal grid designs, inspiration, creativity + more. 

After selection, I will infuse the crystals with Reiki Healing Energy + the intention of aligning you on your highest path. This is not a psychic reading nor a distance healing, but I will be offering intuitive readings + mentoring in the coming season.

For entertainment purposes, not to be considered medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. Please consult your doctor or healthcare professional for any medical concerns, and physical or mental health related advice.