Deep Orange CARNELIAN CRYSTAL TOWER with Dots + Swirls

$ 59

Deep Orange CARNELIAN CRYSTAL TOWER with Dots + Swirls

Carnelian is a stone of creativity, confidence + passion. It's known as the "Artist's Stone" because it helps you tap into your passion + innate creativity, guiding you to recognize your self-worth.

This dramatic Carnelian Point has a beautiful, burnt orange color with dots + swirls of burgundy, rusty red, caramel, opaque peach colored tree rings + crackle line patterns making this a very unique, one of a kind crystal for your collection.

8.9 oz (253 g)
3.2" tall
1.86" x 1.86" x 1.72" at the base⁠
1.6" x 1.6" x 1.51" at the tip

Carnelian's captivating colors are reminiscent of fire, of a sunset, or the first flash of autumn brilliance. Its bold energy brings a stimulating + empowering rush of warmth + joy.

Carnelian offers motivation + endurance, leadership + courage.

Carnelian has a hot + fiery energy that resonates with your lower three chakras. This stone boosts confidence in all aspects of your life.

Meditate with a Carnelian Crystal + envision it's fiery energy as a spark to ignite your wildest dreams + propel you into action toward making them come true.

Like Quartz, Carnelian has a hardness of 7, however it can be brittle, with it's many layers of banding + druzy. This is why you will often see Carnelian points like this one with a few dings or imperfections. This is the natural character of the stone.

These crystals are cut, faceted + polished to a high gloss, with a flat bottom. They are natural stones + may have inherent marks or slight imperfections. Weights + measures are approximate.