Dreamy Blue CARIBBEAN CALCITE TOWER with Pink Aragonite, Blue Aragonite Tower

$ 33

Dreamy Blue CARIBBEAN CALCITE TOWER with Pink Aragonite

Reminiscent of tropical waves + sandy shores these soothing stones offer an optimistic, joyful + comforting vibration.⁠

Caribbean Calcite resonates with the heart, throat + third eye chakras.⁠ It's a joyful, expansive stone which opens your capacity for compassion, hones your intuition + sparks creativity.⁠

Caribbean Calcite is here to soften emotional transitions. It can intensify + stabilize empathic + intuitive abilities.⁠

Caribbean Calcite soothes + opens the throat so that you can clearly express deeper feelings + emotions from your heart.⁠

Use this stone in meditation or breathwork practices to go deep, connecting the throat + heart.⁠ Hold the crystal in your non-dominant hand + sit with it for a while. Feel the soothing energy ripple through you like light salty tropical waves + soft fluffy sand.⁠ 

Caribbean Calcite aka Blue Aragonite, is a combination of a very light ocean Blue Calcite with light brown, white + sometimes pink Aragonite. This stone is a relatively new find from Pakistan.⁠ This stone has natural crevices + cavities in the layers of minerals,

5.1 oz
3.08" tall
1.32" x 1.26" at the base
0.87" x 0.87" at the tip
in the pic with 4 towers, this is 2nd from right

You will receive the exact same tower that you see in the pictures. Natural stones may have inherent marks, mineral inclusions, or slight imperfections. Weights + measures are approximate.