Flower Agate Dragon Head

$ 149

Manifest your potential with a Flower Agate Dragon. This beautifully carved crystal dragon is made of Flower Agate aka Cherry Blossom Agate, which has flowery orbs, swirling linear patterns, translucent chalcedony + sparkly druzy throughout stone that gives this hand carved stone dragon a sense of primordial sacred feminine energy, mystery + other-worldliness.

Flower Agate has a peaceful, beautiful feminine energy which can be seen + felt within the cascading blossoms within dreamy chalcedony swirls.

If you feel a strong connection to this Flower Agate crystal dragon, my sense is that she will assist you, especially in the etheric realms, by expanding your consciousness, in remembering past life experiences, activate your higher aspects of the Divine Feminine + nudge you along toward your highest path for this lifetime.

Dragon Energy is the embodiment of chaos, the untamed, the wildness of nature, the eye of the storm. Dragon Healing attunes you directly to an ancient interdimensional source of Healing Energy.

7.5 oz / 214 g
3.87" long
1.96" wide
1.52" tall⁠

There are some minor irregularities in the carving + several very sparkly druzy caves.

Dragon Totem Meaning

Dragon energy is a metaphor used in Taoist magic to express an essence of creation, life-force, or personal power. Dragons are ancient mythical creatures of the Earth, symbolizing supernatural power, wisdom, strength + hidden knowledge.


Flower Agate embodies the Sacred Feminine + helps one to integrate the Maiden, Mother + Elder aspects of ourselves with grace, balance + harmony. There is joy in purpose + wisdom in creation.

Flower Agate reminds you to trust in the flow of inspiration + guidance from Spirit. Flower agate can help you bloom into your full potential in alignment with your soul purpose + higher destiny.

Flower Agate reminds you to go with the flow + follow with your bliss, to seek joy in life + to go where the magic takes you. It reminds us to slow down a little + enjoy the now moment. 

These crystals are natural gifts from Gaia with unique variances in shape, size, interior patterns, color saturation + clarity. Minor cracks, pits, fissures, mineral inclusions + irregularities are normal for natural stone + part of the unique beauty of the crystal carving.