Fire Quartz with Golden Healer Moons

$ 6

These beautiful crystal moons are a combination of Fire Quartz + Golden Healer. These magical crystal crescent moons have a high energetic vibration that can assist in transforming + transmuting negativity into a more positive energetic state. 

Fire Quartz sparks your creativity + resonates with the lower chakras Root, Sacral + Solar Plexus. Golden Healer Crystals are Master Healers that resonate with the Solar Plexus, High heart + etheric chakras with the ability to cleanse your auric field, filling it with golden healing light, restoring your body’s natural balance + harmony. This stone is like a combination of your passions, your personal power + your deepest knowing in alignment with your higher aspects.

These lovely, earthy crystal moons bring grounding, balancing energy promoting clear thoughts, better focus + improved concentration.

Golden Healer + Fire Quartz are both essentially clear quartz with hematite inclusions aka iron which presents as a wide range of dark rusty red to orange, pale yellow to deep golden amber within the quartz matrix, aka Hematoid Quartz. These stunning Hematoid Quartz Moons have dramatic iron-rich red hematite ribbons. The crystal has some flashy crackle + some have a few sparkly little rainbow too.

Fire Quartz + Golden Healer is also known as Ferruginous Quartz, Hematoid Quartz, or Hematite Included Quartz. These striking stones get their name from rich iron Hematite inclusions + are filled with beautiful streaks of water clear quartz + reds, reflected flashes of light + occasional rainbows too.

These little hand carved moons are intuitively chosen for you in the size you select, but if you want a more clear, red, or orange one please write that in your order notes. I'm happy to accommodate if I can. The moons available are the moons in these pics.

Pictures show the sizes mixed together, in different lighting + some fun ways you can use these celestial little minis in your crystal display + your crystal grids. These crystals are natural gifts from Gaia with unique variances in shape, size, interior patterns, color saturation + clarity.