Freshwater Pearls

$ 3.75

Pearls have a vital, balanced feminine energy. They connect us with the lunar cycles + harmonize human beings with Mama Gaia + the natural world.

Pearls can help women connect with their inner goddesses + men with their feminine attributes.

Pearls help you find equilibrium, tap into your inner wisdom + nurture love. 

Pearls speak of purity, integrity + wisdom gained through experience. Their soft opalescence shows us there is beauty + resilience in self-nurturing for this is how they are made.

A grain of sand gets trapped inside of the oyster shell, irritating the soft flesh. The mollusk coats it with a substance called nacre to soothe the irritant, transforming it into a lasting thing of beauty. Over time the concentric layers of nacre, which is composed mainly of the mineral aragonite, form an opalescent orb. A gem of the Sea...

Historically Pearls are believed to offer protection to the wearer, attracting good luck + wealth.

10 grams collective weight, approximately 8-10 pearls

These are undrilled (no hole) cultivated freshwater pearls. The colors are a subtle range of pastels of white, pink, mauve, silver, cream + golden.

Natural pearls may have inherent marks, mineral inclusion, or slight imperfections. Shapes + colors vary as show in the pictures. Weights + measures are approximate.