Mini Golden Sheen OBSIDIAN Stars

$ 8

Flashy + iridescent Golden Sheen Obsidian from Mexico is carved into the shape of a star. Use these pretty crystal stars in your crystal grids, jewelry designs, wish jars + to decorate your jewelry box, meditation space or altar.

Golden Sheen Obsidian dissolves negativity + purifies the aura. Meditate with this stone to clear blockages in your Solar Plexus Chakra. The golden flash brings in the energy of the Sun to the Solar Plexus, the seat of our self esteem + personal power.

Golden Sheen Obsidian is a strong Earth Healer + can be used to locate areas of disturbance in Gaia's energy. Use this stone to connect with the crystalline core of Gaia, to strengthen fortify the energetic ley lines of the planet, bringing us closer to unity consciousness + our ascension.

Stars are symbolic of divine guidance + protection, as well as imagination, wonder, dreams + magic.

2-3 grams
18-19mm /0.7"-0.75" diameter

Crystal Healing Properties of Golden Sheen Obsidian

Golden Sheen Obsidian is characterized by a glittery-golden iridescent sheen that comes from microscopic gas bubbles trapped in the layers as the volcanic glass cooled during formation.

The grounding energy of these Golden Sheen Obsidian Stars makes them an excellent choice for bringing some energetic protection⁠ into your sacred space. Use them in your crystal healing layouts, carry obsidian in your pocket, or place it in your windows with the intention of warding off bad energy.

Black Obsidian can be used as a shield against negativity as it absorbs negative energies from the environment + blocks psychic attacks. Black Obsidian offers some protection from EMF's as well.

Obsidian is a protective, truth-enhancing stone, offering clarity of mind. Obsidian helps one to begin to dissolve emotional blockages + heal past traumas. Natural Obsidian helps you to know who you truly are in your highest incarnation of self.

Obsidian stimulates growth on all levels weaving new pathways for forgiveness, compassion + strength. It promotes exploration of the unknown + opens one up to new possibilities on the horizon.

Obsidian resonates with the Root Chakra: The Root Chakra brings security + grounding to your daily life. When this Chakra is in balance it can bring passion + empowerment.

These stars are carved from natural obsidian. They're all polished to a glossy shine, really pretty + will be intuitively chosen for you.

Customer Reviews

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Clare Q
Beautiful GOLDEN SHEEN OBSIDIAN mini Star!...

Beautiful GOLDEN SHEEN OBSIDIAN mini Star!
Lovely package to open up!

Mariana C
Love this crystal for my own workings. I l...

Love this crystal for my own workings. I like the way it shines in sunlight (the picture I took doesn't do it justice). I made mine into a wand for my necklace, it makes me very happy.

Tabitha W
Loved everything I've bought from this sho...

Loved everything I've bought from this shop! Very quick shipping :) I gave the stars and moon as a gift and they were a hit, so pretty! Thank you for the bonus gifts as well!