Green Flower Agate Bracelets

$ 40

Wearing your Flower Agate Bracelets can remind you to trust in the flow of inspiration + guidance from Spirit. These pretty pastel flower agate beads are 10-11mm, a good size to show off the beauty of the cascading blossoms within dreamy blue-green chalcedony swirls. Green Flower Agate is a beautiful + rare variety, with lovely contrasting colors + translucence in the stone.

Green Flower Agate has a peaceful, beautiful feminine energy that can help you bloom into your full potential in alignment with your soul purpose + higher destiny.

Flower Agate reminds you to go with the flow + follow with your bliss, to seek joy in life + to go where the magic takes you. It reminds us to slow down a little + enjoy the now moment.

Flower Agate embodies the Sacred Feminine + helps one to integrate the Maiden, Mother + Elder aspects of ourselves with grace, balance + harmony. There is joy in purpose + wisdom in creation.

You will receive 1 intuitively chosen mix + match stackable stretchy bracelet in the size you choose. These bracelets are made of natural stones with unique variances in shape, size, interior patterns + color.

Bracelets are packaged, ready for gifting in a gift box with a bow. If you purchase more than one bracelet, they will arrive together in the same jewelry box unless you specify that you need individual boxes for each. Write a note in your order or send us an email, we're happy to accommodate.

Remove your beaded jewelry before swimming or showering to protect its longevity.