Green Fluorite Flower Carving

$ 129

This beautiful crystal flower is carved from a translucent Blue-Green Fluorite, a heart-chakra stone that is known to attract luck + abundance into your life. This is a large crystal flower that will make a beautiful statement piece in your sacred space + crystal home decor.

One of a kind + hand carved from beautiful translucent green fluorite with lovely details, this crystal flower would be a treasured + thoughtful gift for any crystal collector or plant lover.

Adding different crystal shapes + crystal carvings, like this green fluorite crystal flower is a really fun way to expand your crystal collection + bring some fun + personality to your crystal displays + crystal decor. They're so pretty + look beautiful when paired with other crystals like towers, spheres + crystal carvings like fairies + animals.

1 lb 0.2 oz, (460g)
4" diameter
1.3" thick
diameter is measured from widest petal to petal

Crystal Healing Properties of Green Fluorite

Fluorite supports spiritual growth + expansive thought. Fluorite helps to bring balance in all aspects of one’s life. Fluorite brings focus + concentration to important tasks like studying. Fluorite helps you work through complex issues + aids in memory retention. All of this makes Fluorite a great crystal for your office or desk. 

Green Fluorite is a heart chakra crystal that can help dissolve negativity + dissipate deeply emotional trauma. This healing crystal can open the pathways for more loving energy, clearing the blockages to self-love + acceptance.

Green Fluorite brings the fresh, renewing energy of Spring + is thought to be a lucky crystal that amplifies the energy of abundance.

Intuitively chosen in the size you select. These special artisan succulents are carved in Madagascar. Crystals + stones are natural gifts from Gaia with unique variances clarity, opacity, mineral inclusions + interior patterns. Weights + measures are approximate.

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Shemar D
Beautiful fluorite specimen, shipped quick...

Beautiful fluorite specimen, shipped quickly and carefully packaged. Thank you!!!