Green Moonstone Sphere with Blue Flash

$ 84

Green Moonstone is a stone of the Earth + the Heavens. This Green Moonstone Sphere has gorgeous green coloring, beautiful pattern in the stone, black tourmaline inclusions, loads of glitter + stunning blue flash in multiple spots around the sphere.

Green Moonstone is also known as Garnierite + has a unique balance, grounding your energy on the Earth plane + opening an ethereal connection with the Cosmos.

1 lb 1.5 oz (497 g)
2.78"/ 70.7 mm diameter


Green Moonstone is known as "The Stone of The Goddess," helping us to tap into feminine Earth energy.

It's a calming stone, helping to ease stress, anxiety, worry + overwhelming feelings.

Meditate with a Green Moonstone to open + activate the Heart Chakra, honor your Divine Nature, boosting self love + loving energy of all kinds.

Green Moonstone is considered a lucky stone of serendipity, bringing positive change + growth.

Garnierite boosts our ability to create + manifest our desires for our highest good, be they spiritual, emotional, or physical.

For a simple manifestation ritual, write a goal on a piece of paper + place the Green Moonstone on top of it. Light a candle + visualize your intention with clarity + joy. Take a few deep, full body breaths with this clarity of intention + feel into it, as if it's already your reality. And so it is...

The green comes from nickel in the stone, the is shimmer from feldspar. These unique green moonstones contain inclusions of black tourmaline + peach moonstone.

You will receive the exact green moonstone crystal sphere that you see the pictures. These polished stones are natural gifts from Gaia with unique variances in shape, size, color + flash.

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