Rainbow Fluorite Feathers

$ 24

Bring peace, bliss, calm + positive vibes to your sacred space with these luminous Fluorite Crystal Feather carvings. These Rainbow Fluorite Feathers are one of a kind, hand carved from transparent fluorite with stunning bands of color.

Fluorite crystals have a grounding + harmonizing spiritual energy coming through in the clear, blue, teal, magenta, purple colors + undulating patterns in the natural stone. Sprinkle a little crystalline magic into your world with these beautiful multicolored gemstone feathers.

These hand carved feathers have a flat back except # 4 
1 ~ 1 oz, 3.16" x 0.99" x 0.36"
2 ~ 0.95 oz, 3.08" x 1.01" x 0.39"
3 ~ 0.7 oz, 3" x 0.91" x 0.34"
4 ~ 0.55 oz, 3.09" x 0.91" x 0.23" carved on both sides
5 ~ 0.95 oz, 3.28" x 0.95" x 0.31"

Feathers represent the Wind or Air element. Feathers often symbolize protection + love. Feathers can be a ping from the higher realms, signaling the presence of a loved one who has passed or indicate the presence of guardian angels.


Rainbow Fluorite is balancing to the Third Eye Chakra + promotes mental clarity. Fluorite increases your intuitive abilities, links the human mind to universal consciousness + develops connection to Spirit.

Rainbow Fluorite has a stabilizing energy, encouraging positivity + balance. It increases self confidence + helps you with decision making. It's a good crystal to keep on your desk + an excellent crystal for students as it can help with concentration.

Think of your crystals as energetic allies, each with their own personality, their own energetic blueprint and be open, without expectation to what they can teach you + how they might open your consciousness. 

You will receive the exact numbered crystal feather you choose from the pictures. Weights + measures are approximate. Natural stones may have variations in color, inherent marks, or slight imperfections.