Hand-Carved SODALITE Ganesha

$ 388

Beautifully detailed + lovingly hand-carved from natural blue stone called Sodalite, this crystal Ganesha figurine is a stunning work of craftmanship + a true one of a kind treasure for your crystal collection.

Ganesha is the remover of obstacles. Ganesha symbolizes wisdom, understanding + a discriminating intellect that one must possess to attain perfection in life.

Lord Ganesha, also spelled Ganesh, also called Ganapati, elephant-headed Hindu god of beginnings. Ganesha is traditionally worshipped before any major enterprise.

He is the patron of intellectuals, bankers, scribes, and authors. His favorite flower is the red hibiscus. The right tusk represents wisdom and the left tusk represents emotion.

1 lb 5.1 oz (598 g)
4.77" tall
3.43" wide
2" thick


Sodalite resonates with the throat + third eye chakras helping you to access your inner wisdom + speak your truth. Sodalite is a stone of awakening. It stimulates the Pineal Gland + the Third Eye, activating intuition + awakening psychic abilities.

Sodalite an an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their spiritual growth, strengthen their self-expression, or tap into their intuition.

Sodalite has a stress-relieving, go with the flow effect that's calming to the mind, making it a go-to crystal when you feel nervous, worried, or tense.

Sodalite is a good stone for intuitive readers, astrologers, numerologists, tarot readers + those who consult other oracles as it assists in translating archetypal or energetic patterns into useful + meaningful information about our earthly lives.

The deep, rich blue color of the stone gives it a soothing + calming energy, which helps put your spirit at ease + deepen your meditations. Sodalite acts as a guide on your inner travels. It can be useful in recalling your dreams + can help you practice lucid dreaming.

Carry a piece of Sodalite with you when you know you'll be having a difficult conversation, giving a presentation or doing any public speaking as it can help you express yourself clearly + without fear.

You will receive the exact Sodalite Ganesha Carving that you see in the pictures. This is a  hand-carved + polished stone, a natural gift from Gaia with unique variances in pattern + color from pale to saturated blue with varying amounts of gray + white as shown in pics. Natural stones may have inherent marks, mineral inclusions, or slight imperfections. Weights + measures are approximate.