Howlite Stars

$ 10

Howlite teaches peace. It's energy is calming + expansive, embodying the spiritual qualities of stillness, tenderness + open-mindedness.

Stars are symbolic of divine guidance + protection, as well as imagination, wonder, dreams + magic.

This beautiful white stone is a good choice for the bedroom + for insomniacs as it helps calm an overactive mind, helping to create a peaceful environment for restful sleep. 

Howlite is a guardian stone, softly diffusing tension, anxiety, worry, anger, aggressive energy + negativity in the user as well as the environment.

Howlite is an excellent stone for Reiki practitioners, acupuncturists, energy workers + all kinds of therapists as it opens + prepares the mind to receive wisdom + deepens healing from energetic attunements.

Howlite is a stone with natural variances of light + dark patterning within each piece. They vary in shape as shown in pics with some being wide + thin, others rounder + thick. Each stone is uniquely beautiful + powerful, as you can see + will be intuitively chosen for you in the size you select. Weights + measures are approximate.

1 inch= 24.5 millimeters