Tiny Kunzite Stars

$ 6

These pale colored Kunzite stars have hints of pink to violet coloring + a little bit of shimmer. They're tiny for sure + super sweet. These tiny Kunzite Crystal Stars make the perfect addition to your crystal grids, jewelry projects + crystal crafts or make a sweet little gift for yourself or someone special.

Stars are symbolic of divine guidance + protection, as well as imagination, wonder, dreams + magic. 

Little celestial crystals look really pretty together, like these photos with several sizes + types of crystal moons + stars on a Pink Amethyst Slab. I included a couple of the other Kunzite Stars I have available in the shop for reference. The biggest one is the 22-23 mm Shimmery Kunzite Star + the pinkest is the 14-16 mm Juicy Kunzite Star.

11-12mm diameter are +/- 1 gram each
12-14mm diameter are 1-2 grams each
Slightly irregular star shapes. Some are thicker or thinner.

All of the other sweet little crystal moons + stars shown in these pics are available in our shop HERE, + the Selenite Charging plate is available HERE.

Kunzite Crystal Healing Properties

Kunzite has a joyful, loving energy. It's a stone of Divine Love. Kunzite clears the pathways between the heart + the mind, helping you better understand + process your emotions.

Kunzite is a Heart Chakra stone that resonates with the water element. Kunzite is a deeply healing spiritual stone that spreads a loving vibration to every corner of life. It's energy permeates like water, juicy, cleansing + heavy in a good way, kinda like a cuddly bear hug.

Kunzite encourages emotional healing, forgiveness + fosters a strong sense of self. Kunzite is known to help heal heartache + calm nerves. Kunzite is said to help you experience + reciprocate love.

Kunzite helps you embody the vibration of Divine Love.

These little hand carved stars are intuitively chosen for you. Pictures show these littles mixed together, in different lighting + some fun ways you can use these little minis in your crystal display + your crystal grids. These crystals are natural gifts from Gaia with unique variances in shape, size, interior patterns, color saturation + clarity.