Lapis Lazuli Ankh with Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs

$ 89

This stunning Lapis Lazuli Ankh is intricately carved with ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs in a 3D bas relief design that highlights the beauty of the natural stone.

The Ankh is perceived as an energetic tuning fork that can create a healing frequency, especially when held in meditation. This powerful ancient symbol connects us with higher consciousness + shines light on our soul wisdom, learned through many lifetimes.⁠⁠ The Ankh is the Breath of Life.⁠⁠ 

⁠The Ankh was revered in Atlantean times as a symbol of pure love resonating with Higher Heart Energy. ⁠The Ankh is associated with the Goddess Isis + the Goddess Sekhmet.⁠

Carved from gorgeous high quality Lapis Lazuli stone, with beautifully detailed bas relief hieroglyphs on one side, and smooth polish on the other. 

Blue Lapis is a stone of wisdom, intuition + truth ~ activating your higher mind + awakening your psychic abilities.

2.15 oz
3.93" tall
2" wide
0.32" thick

Note the bottom is a rounded shape + these are not free-standing. You will receive the same crystal ankh that you see in these pictures. Each stone is uniquely + beautifully patterned with ribbons of calcite + pyrite. Weights + measures are approximate.


Lapis Lazuli helps one gain access to the Akashic Records + past lives, specifically Atlantis + Ancient Egypt. Lapis can illuminate your Star Family Lineage + unlock the wisdom from these celestial civilizations.⁠

⁠Lapis Lazuli is known for opening the Third Eye Chakra, the center of intuition + inner wisdom.⁠ Asking if you are ready to move out of the mundane + into expanded awareness?⁠

Lapis Lazuli has ribbons of pyrite inclusions which help to balance the Solar Plexus Chakra.⁠ You will also see white calcite inclusions that work to clear the energetic pathways in the body.⁠ These mineral inclusions have a celestial energy, bringing harmony between the Third Eye + Solar Plexus merges your personal desires with divine will. 

Customer Reviews

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Berneice H
The lapis ankh is beautiful. I am in awe o...

The lapis ankh is beautiful. I am in awe of it. Thank you so much! And thank you for the extra fire quartz!

Vernie A
I am beyond thrilled with my Lapis Lazuli...

I am beyond thrilled with my Lapis Lazuli Ankh. Such beautiful artisanry, the carvings are so wonderfully detailed.

This ankh was packaged with great care and such wonderful energy.

Thank you so much 🙏🏻