Exquisite Blue Kyanite Fan Specimen with Muscovite

$ 76

Exquisite Blue Kyanite Fan Specimen with Muscovite

Blue KYANITE calls you to act upon your intuitive guidance which makes it a perfect addition to your crystal grids.⁠

Kyanite resonates with all of the chakras, but especially the Throat Chakra + the Third Eye. This stone supports healthy communication with yourself, your higher self + with others--- creating bridges, or networks of connection, which could also be called energy grids.⁠⠀
Kyanite bridges seemingly opposite opinions + ideas, creating a pathway to understanding + integration. In this process Kyanite facilitates expansive growth, bridging the pathways so that you can become a fuller, more realized version of YOU.⁠⠀
Affirmation ~ The Universe is working to connect me with my highest good.⁠

11 oz (313 g)
7.5" tall
2.14" at widest
1.17" thickest

Due to the raw nature, columnar growth pattern, elongated crystal blades + mineral inclusions, these kyanite specimens can delicate, brittle + flaky.