Big + Chunky Brilliant Orange CARNELIAN TOWER with Quartz

$ 177

Big + Chunky Brilliant Orange CARNELIAN TOWER with Quartz

This stately Carnelian Tower has a stunning smooth polished quartz geode surrounded by prominent white banding delineating translucent brilliant orange. 

Captivating from all angles, this gorgeous babe's stout form is beautifully patterned half quartz, half carnelian, richly saturated, translucent reddish orange coloring is absolutely stunning.

Carnelian offers motivation + endurance, leadership + courage.

Carnelian is a stone of creativity, confidence + passion. It's known as the "Artist's Stone" because it helps you tap into your passion + innate creativity, guiding you to recognize your self-worth.

1 lb 6.3 oz (634 g)
4.41" tall
2.14" x 2.11" x 2.07" at the base⁠
2.15" x 2.02" x 2" at the tip

Carnelian's captivating colors are reminiscent of fire, of a sunset, or the first flash of autumn brilliance. Its bold energy brings a stimulating + empowering rush of warmth + joy.

Carnelian has a hot + fiery energy that resonates with your lower three chakras. This stone boosts confidence in all aspects of your life.

Meditate with a Carnelian Crystal + envision it's fiery energy as a spark to ignite your wildest dreams + propel you into action toward making them come true.

These crystals are cut, faceted + polished to a high gloss, with a flat bottom. They are natural stones + may have inherent marks or slight imperfections. Weights + measures are approximate. You will receive the exact crystal that you see in the pictures.

Like Quartz, Carnelian has a hardness of 7, however it can be brittle, with it's many layers of banding + druzy. This is the natural character of the stone.