Lilac LEPIDOLITE Robin Eggs

$ 9


When you're feeling anxious, carry a piece of Lepidolite in your pocket. Lepidolite is high in lithium, which is an ingredient used to help with feelings of anxiety. So it's only natural that holding Lepidolite can bring a sense of calm + tranquility to times of stress + chaos.

The egg has been a powerful symbol around the world for millennia, representing the Earth, fertility + resurrection.

The egg is known as a symbol of hope + purity, of luck + wealth, of promise + potential, of new life + rebirth.

This ultra soothing lavender-pink stone brings balance + harmony, tranquility + calm, which can help you achieve deep, peaceful + restful sleep.

Lepidolite is known as a stone of transition + can be helpful with feelings of grief, as it helps to calm your mind, relieve stress + create a sense of security.

These are carved from a pale lilac colored lepidolite mottled with pink, white + darker purple + are quite dreamy...

1.16"-1.21" tall Intuitively chosen for you. Weights + measures are approximate.

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