MALACHITE Slab with Bubbly Natural Edges

$ 89

This gorgeous Malachite Slab is a stunning, vibrant green with prominent swirling patterns + lovely, bubbly natural edges that have some beautiful sparkles. The Malachite  specimen has a high quality polish on both sides is luxe, reflective + glossy.

This Malachite slab is unique with some sparkly druzy formations that can function as a small sphere stand as shown in the photos. The rainbow quartz sphere in these pics is 26mm/diameter. It could easily hold a smaller sphere + go up to about 34mm. Use it as a functional surface to display your other crystals or jewelry, or show it off in a specimen stand.

This Malachite Crystal Slab will make a stunning addition to your crystal collection, a meaningful gift, a powerful surface for your manifestation + moon rituals, or a beautiful piece for your vanity or meditation altar.

Malachite is a Fire Element stone that resonates with the Solar Plexus + the Heart Chakra. Malachite is a stone of transformation + positive change. Malachite cleanses the aura. It balances negative emotions + offers protection from negative energy.

6.9 oz (197 grams)
3.8" longest
3.39" widest
0.32" thickest

The natural edges show the botryoidal formation of the stone + there are lots of sparkles visible on the edges + in the druzy caverns.

Crystal Healing Properties of Malachite

Malachite is excellent for healing the Heart, clearing the fog of confusing emotions. It stimulates your higher passions, inspires creativity + boosts one's confidence to move forward with clarity, in alignment with the frequency of joy.

Malachite's energy resonates with the Divine Masculine, carrying the frequency of the enlightened leader. It stimulates chi, energizing the flow of life force throughout the aura + physical body. It assists those in power positions with great responsibility carry out the Will of the Divine without ego-based motivations. (Naisha Ashian)

Malachite was found in ancient Egyptian artifacts dating back as early as 3000 BC. Malachite is a green copper carbonate mineral with a hardness of 3.5-4, so relatively soft as quartz is a 7, diamond is a 10. Malachite should not be left in water + although it's flat like a plate, it is not a food safe crystal.

You will receive this exact piece of Malachite that you see in the pictures.

Photographed on the smaller black metal crystal display stand available HERE.