Multi-Colored MOOKAITE STARS ~ Powerful Earth Medicine

$ 10


The crystal healing vibrations of Mookaite Jasper resonate with the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus + Heart Chakras. It's an energizing stone that sharpens your intuition, grounds + centers, connecting us with Mama Gaia offering powerful Earth Medicine.

Mookaite is highly supportive for one's energy field, with a subtle, steady harmony. It helps one stay in the Now moment.

It has an adventurous energy + is an excellent stone for a road trip.

Mookaite brings balance + clarity, flexibility + openness, offering strength + kindness in negative situations. This crystal ally is helpful when you need a little insight before making big life decisions. It offers courage + strengthens personal power. 

Stars are symbolic of divine guidance + protection, as well as imagination, wonder, dreams + magic.

8-10 grams each
1.26-1.28" diameter   
0.35-0.4" thick

Intuitively chosen for you. The color combinations vary within each stone as shown in the pics. Infinite possible color patterns within each piece with varying amounts of cream, tan, yellow, brown, red, burgundy, purple, pink, mauve + some have pyrite inclusions. Each stone is uniquely beautiful + powerful, as you can see. Weights + measures are approximate. Mookaite Jasper comes from Australia.