Ocean Jasper Mushroom Toadstools

$ 14

Add an Ocean Jasper Mushroom to your crystal collection! They're a really cute Toadstool shape, like a mushroom family with 3 shroom heads cascading down to the base.

These pretty OJ Mushrooms have some lovely variety in the stone coloring + patterns. our crystal toadstool could have any combination of green, pink, purple, red, orange, cream, white, gray, blue, tan, brown + black.  Some even have small orbicular bubbles + lots of pretty color combinations. Each crystal mushroom is one of a kind.

These hand carved mini crystal mushrooms are so magical + special!! Mushrooms are symbols of longevity + good luck in many different cultures. They have a long history in magic, fae + folklore. Mushrooms represent the unseen realms. 

The mushroom is symbolic of kundalini energy + enlightenment with the stalk representing the spine + the cap is the crown chakra.

Listing is for one or two small crystal toadstools, intuitively chosen for you. They vary in shape + coloring as shown in pics with some being taller + thin, others short + stout.
1.15"-1.18" tall
0.86"-1" wide

Some have a golden inclusion which is harder than aquamarine because the golden spots bubble out of the smoothed aquamarine so my guess is either spinel, topaz, or corundum.

0.3-0.4 oz

Crystal Healing Properties of Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper is affectionately called OJ + comes from remote coastal mines in Madagascar. It has an earthy grounding energy steeped in ancient wisdom. Ocean Jasper is known as The Atlantis Stone + it's believed to be linked to the ancient city, holding mystic knowledge within its crystalline structure.

Ocean Jasper is highly beneficial for channeling spiritual wisdom + gaining insight into one’s past lives. It's helpful in meditation gently offering mental clarity + focus. This stone is grounding + centering. Ocean Jasper is beneficial in your yoga + breathwork practice as it's a stone of continuity, facilitating deep + even circular breathing.

The colors + patterns vary wildly from stone to stone. Ocean Jasper is a natural gift from Gaia with each piece being completely unique + one of a kind. Weights + measures are approximate.