Pink Amethyst x Flower Agate Sphere

$ 121

Sensuous + feminine, this gorgeous crystallized Pink Amethyst Flower Agate Sphere has swirling creamy, coral + pink cherry blossoms, flowery orbs + a druzy cave within a sparkly crystal matrix that captures the light in a such a voluptuous way.

There are even a few crystalized geode portals within this high quality crystal sphere. 

1LB 3 oz / 539g
2.89"/ 74mm diameter

Crystal Healing Properties of Pink Amethyst x Flower Agate

Pink Amethyst + Flower Agate emanates a nurturing, expansive energy filled with divine feminine wisdom. This rare mineral combination is a very special one, creating a visually stunning crystalline synergy that brings a peaceful + calming energy to your space. Amethyst with Flower Agate is an excellent choice to place in your bedroom, meditation space, family room, or therapy/treatment room.

Pink Amethyst with Flower Agate is first + foremost a Heart Chakra stone that opens the pathways to unconditional self love + acceptance. Once the heart is open + expanded, this nurturing crystal helps you tap into the wisdom of your higher self via your Third Eye + Crown Chakras, offering a grounded, peaceful energetic place from which to open + trust your intuition.

Amethyst Crystal Healing Properties

Amethyst is a stone of intuition, peace + spiritual growth. It's a wind/air element stone that resonates with the Third Eye, Crown + the Etheric Chakras above the head.

Amethyst beams the angelic Violet Ray of Healing which works to transmute our fears, threats, negative energies, thoughts + psychic debris. The calming, soothing vibrations of an amethyst will help you relax, reduce your stress levels + sleep better.

Pink Amethyst forms when Hematite is part of the mineral makeup of the stone. Pink Amethyst has a softer + more feminine energy compared to Purple Amethyst. 

Flower Agate Crystal Healing Properties

Flower Agate has a peaceful, beautiful feminine energy which can be seen + felt within the cascading blossoms + dreamy chalcedony swirls.  Flower Agate embodies the Sacred Feminine + helps one to integrate the Maiden, Mother + Elder aspects of ourselves with grace, balance + harmony. There is joy in purpose + wisdom in creation.  

Flower Agate resonates with the Heart Chakra+ the Root Chakra. Flower Agate can help you bloom into your full potential in alignment with your soul purpose + higher destiny. Flower Agate reminds you to go with the flow + follow with your bliss, to seek joy in life + to go where the magic takes you. It reminds us to slow down a little + enjoy the now moment. 

Flower Agate reminds you to trust in the flow of inspiration + guidance from Spirit.

You will receive the exact crystal sphere that you see in the pictures. They are natural stones + may have inherent marks or slight imperfections. Weights + measures are approximate.